Care International UK – Making The Most Of Engaging Networks’ New Fundraising Tools

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Care International UK: Making the most of Engaging Networks’ new fundraising tools
Michael Angeli, Direct Marketing Executive, Care International
Becki Young, Supporter Development Manager, Care International
Glyn Thomas, Director, Root to Branch Communications
Richard Edwards, CEO & Lead Producer, Paavo Media

In their words… “The direct marketing team at Care International UK love working with shiny new tools, especially if it means improving the UX for new online donors or giving existing donors the opportunity to manage their details and contact preferences. That’s why we leapt at the chance to use Engaging Networks’ new page-builder and The Hub functionality”.

If you want to find out how Engaging Networks has been used to transform Care International UK’s donation pages (through page-builder) and build a closer relationship with supporters (through The Hub) then you’ve come to the right place.

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