How to raise more money through Engaging Networks

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Are you struggling to raise money from your online donations? Do you need to find new ways to grow your donor base? Highlighting plenty of examples along the way, we will look at the top ways to rejuvenate your donation pages using Engaging Networks. We’ll go through the available payment gateway options and how to add additional payment methods (pay via paypal, one click…) to your pages. We’ll discuss how to add both single and recurring payment options to the same page and will run through the ‘Highest Previous Contribution’ functionality that can present different ‘asking strings’ to your donors based on the level of their previous gift(s). We will look at how you can test different versions of your page through our split testing tools, helping you to decide the best layout for your supporters and we’ll also discuss the other fundraising page types that are now available in the platform, including membership, eCommerce, surveys and premium donations. You’ll leave this workshop with clear advice on how to increase your conversion rates and return on investment of your donation pages.

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