C6 Digital: You don’t need a microsite for custom features

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You don’t need a microsite for custom features

Jack Segal (Executive Director, C6 Digital)

Sometimes “out of the box” isn’t enough – there could be campaign specific requirements, or you might just want to freshen up your standard template. When organisations ask for custom features, agencies can quickly lean to building a microsite, which inevitability adds complexity and cost – but is it always necessary? In this session, Jack will discuss building a heavily customised “Email to Target” for Greenpeace’s “Protect the Oceans” campaign, which was used to get over 130 MPs to pledge support. The customisations include adding functionality for MPs to pledge support for the campaign; having different supporter asks depending on whether their MP has pledged; adding a picture of the MP; and splitting the supporter journey into “single action” steps. The talk covers the importance of customisation; the pros and cons of microsites; how to extend Engaging Networks; and whether the customisation makes a difference when tested.

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