Liberty & Care 2: Digital lead generation: Playing the long game

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Digital lead generation: Playing the long game

Rhiannan Sullivan (Vice President, Strategy & Partnerships, Europe, Care2)
Andrew Taylor-Dawson (Development Manager, Liberty)

“What’s your expected 3 month ROI for your digital lead generation plan?” asks your budget holder. A question that probably sounds all too familiar when pitching for budget and new approaches to help your organisation raise more money effectively online. This session will look at how you can bring your management on-board to new thinking, how to achieve ongoing consistent results with your digital lead generation recruitment as well as taking advantage of spikes and peaks throughout the year. Liberty and Care2 will discuss how diversification and flexibility in your planning and strategy can really help make a big impact to your conversion results. The session will also demonstrate how Liberty have used the Engaging Networks platform to maximise their supporter journey development & tactics.

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