British Lung Foundation – Listen to your lungs

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British Lung Foundation – Listen to your lungs
Michael Laffan, Digital and marketing manager, British Lung Foundation
Adam Haworth, Digital marketing officer, British Lung Foundation

The British Lung Foundation’s Listen to your lungs campaign ran from 2016-17. It centred around an easy-to-use web app that guided people to improve their lung health and seek help when needed. They used demographic targeting through Facebook advertising to promote the test to people in need and backed this up with press and media, outdoor advertising, newspaper ads, social media, blogging, follow-up email through Engaging Networks, Adwords and animations. And they got great results – over 325,000 people completed the test. This session will cover the development of the breath test, the targeting strategy: using Experian data to reach people on Facebook, the creatives and the lessons learnt.

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