Learning Session: Brani Milosevic – The Five Disciplines Of Highly Effective Teams

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The five disciplines of highly effective teams

A year of lockdowns, fear of the pandemic and working at home has been challenging for individuals and teams. As we are looking at better times ahead (but still not totally back to normal), now may be the right moment to put some time aside to develop your team. Because – there is much more to it than getting on with your teamsters!

High-performing teams have a shared purpose, clarity around individual roles and vibrant culture with healthy tension and support for each other. They have a good understanding of what they are delivering for other teams and the organisation as well as strong relationships with stakeholders. And in the middle of it all, high-performing teams constantly learn and optimise how they work. In this session Brani will introduce the five disciplines of high-performing teams and share frameworks and tools you can use to plan and work with your own team.

Brani Milosevic, Digital Leadership Ltd

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