WEBINAR Peer to Peer: Fundraising in a virtual world

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Joanne Warner Director of Business Development at Engaging Networks
Eugene Flynn Founder and Director at 54Degrees

In this webinar we will look at how you can get your virtual peer-to-peer event up and running using the Engaging Networks Technology, considering:

The tools: We’ll look at some of the features that are included in the peer to peer module and share examples of sites that have inspired us.

The benefits of using Engaging Networks: We’ll discuss what makes us different and why Engaging Networks is the powerful enabling toolset that has removed barriers to growing the number of donors, the volume of donations and the depth of engagement with supporters.

What’s possible with the design: Our accredited partner 54 Degrees is very familiar with the Peer to Peer module and an expert in persuasion design. Eugene will talk you through the elements to include to ensure that your event will have the most success.

How to launch a virtual event in a hurry: Last year 54 Degrees worked with Asthma UK to launch The Asthma UK step challenge. We’ll share what was involved and how they took their event from conception to creation.

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