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What is page-builder?

Engaging Networks’ page-builder module simplifies the creation of advocacy and fundraising pages making it quick and easy to create sophisticated and successful campaigns.

Page-builder takes the guess work out of setting up your campaign pages in Engaging Networks. Worried you forgot to set something up? Page-builder checks your campaign each time you save and lets you know when something is missing. 

Designing and laying out your pages has never been easier. Select the block you would like from the toolbox and drag it into the design area. The design looks just like your final page will, so updating your campaign is quick and easy. 

What page types are available?

There are multiple types of pages you can create, and we are constantly adding new types and features with new software releases. 

Engaging Networks Page Types

Petition: Create petitions to collect supporter names.
Survey: create surveys using the survey block with queryable questions.
Email to Target (ETT), Tweet to Target (TWT), Click to Call (CTT): pages to directly target politicians and custom targets
Donation: Create donation pages to take single or recurring card payments.
Premium Donation: add a gift incentive to your donation options.
eCommerce: Create pages to sell symbolic gifts (AKA virtual gifts) to supporters.
Membership: manage memberships.
Events: Build a page that allows your supporters to purchase tickets for a scheduled event.
In addition, we provide page types that manage their subscriptions, update their own account information (Supporter Hub), split test your content, design an eCard, and more

To find out more, check our our step-by-step guides.

Updated on March 7, 2022

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