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Welcome to Engaging Networks (North American Clients)

As part of your implementation with Engaging Networks, we provide several services to help get you started and on the right track. This process is all managed through the Basecamp project management tool. We start things off with a kickoff call that allows us to asses your needs and make a plan for the implementation. Based on this call we create a timeline for the implementation process and open up a new project in Basecamp to manage the setup.

Account Setup

Once we open your Engaging Networks account, it needs to be populated with some default content, data, etc.

Account Defaults

Items such as ‘Email Senders’, ‘Landing Pages’, etc. will be created by us based on your input. We’ll send you a list of items that we need content for and then populate your account based


We’ll also have a data call where we will walk you through the process of defining and setting up your data records in Engaging Networks. This includes creating one “default data record” that establishes the basic settings for all data that you will store in your Engaging Networks database. As part of the process, we will advise you about the kinds of constituent (supporter) data fields that that you may want to use. We will take into consideration the ways that you may have tagged data in your previous database — if you have one — and the particular segments (i.e groupings of your supporters), if any, that you used previously.

After a data plan has been established it will be up to you to get your data together and ready to import into the software. As soon as your existing supporter records are ready for import into your new Engaging Networks database, we’ll perform the actual data import for you — while showing you how it’s done, each step of the way. That way, you will know how to do it yourself from now on.

Please note

The data needs to be oraganized and as clean as possible before we import it into the database. We do not do any data clean up.

HTML Template

We also populate the account with an HTML Template of your choosing. You can always add more templates into your account if needed, but the first upload is on us! This template will be uploaded by copying your existing HTML code, we do not create templates from scratch. We will ask you to send us an HTML File to use or a URL to specific website page that you wish to copy. Please pick items that can be copied easily. (We will not convert PDF or PSD files into a template, for example.) We can also create a copy of one of your pre-existing email campaigns if applicable. For each template that we add for you, we will style and arrange the Engaging Networks content, and show you how we did it.

First Action

It’s always easiest to learn using actual examples. So as part of training you to use the Engaging Networks tools, your Client Support guide will set up your first action/donation page for you, in your account. Then your guide will walk you through how they did it, to empower you to do it yourself in future. This action might be a donation page, petition landing page, email-to-target page or other kinds of data capture page. If you’re migrating an exisitng action over, we’ll just need the URL to mimic. If you’re starting from scratch, we’ll have a call to discuss the page content.


After your first action or donation page has been built by us, it’s now time for you to learn how to use the tools in your Engaging Networks dashboard. With these tools you will build and design action pages, and create and send broadcast email campaigns. As a new Engaging Networks client, you will receive a training session from a member of our Client Support team.

There are five areas of the software that we offer free training modules for: Data, Advocacy, Fundraising, Email, & Peer-to-Peer. Each training session generally lasts about an hour, and you can include as many co-workers as you want. If you need more training, then let us know and we can arrange to provide you and your staff with additional training at a modest extra cost. Alternatively, we might introduce you to a qualified third party provider who can give you the extra training, at a cost that you can negotiate directly with the outside trainer.

Updated on May 29, 2019

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