The Worldpay Gateway

Worldpay logoWorldpay is one of the payment gateways you can use in Engaging Networks to process donations and payments. 

This document contains details for setting up the Worldpay gateway in Engaging Networks.

We can integrate with two types of Worldpay gateway:

  1. Worldpay Corporate gateway (formerly known as the Global Gateway). This can process recurring card payments. You will also need to enable IP addresses for the integration to work – see below
  2. Worldpay Business gateway. This cannot process recurring card payments. You will need to also have an Installation ID for this to work – see below

Before setting up the gateway

1) Arrange a merchant account with Worldpay

Before creating Worldpay donation pages, you will need to have arranged your merchant account with Worldpay. We recommend having a Live and a Test version. 

2) Ensure you have a Base URL for donation pages

If you haven’t already got a Base URL (subdomain) for your donation pages, please contact the Support team. This needs to be entered into the Account Preferences’ “Donation Base URL” which can be accessed via the Hello > Account settings > Account preferences menu. 

3) Tell WorldPay to enable “Invisible XML” on your account

Invisible XML needs to be enabled before our integration can work. Contact Worldpay Support to set this up.

4) Enable IP addresses [Corporate Gateway accounts only]

In addition, you will need to log into your merchant account using the Worldpay interface and enable the IP addresses for both the Test and Live versions of the gateway (this applies to Corporate Gateway accounts only):

5) Find the Worldpay credentials needed to set up the gateway in Engaging Networks

You will need the following credentials in order to link to your gateway. You can find these from within your Worldpay dashboard:

  • Worldpay merchant code
  • XML password
  • Installation ID [Business gateway only]

The XML password differs from the password you use to log into your merchant account.

For clients in the UK or Europe, or those that wish to take donations from supporters in those locations, you will also need to get additional credentials to set up 3DS2 which enables an additional authorisation step to display so that the supporter can securely authorise their donation, for example via a code sent to their mobile device.

Contact your Worldpay representative and ask them to provide you with these Cardinal Commerce credentials to set up 3DS Flex (Direct):

  • API Key
  • API Key ID
  • Org Unit ID

Setting up the Worldpay gateway in Engaging Networks

It is recommended that you create and keep two separate gateway records in your account, one for testing and one linked to your live gateway. Donation pages should be linked to a test gateway initially, and then switched to a live gateway before launch. To create each one:

  1. Go to Hello YOURNAME > Account Settings > Gateways
  2. Click New Payment Gateway to create a new entry
  3. Add information to the fields:
    Field Description
    Reference name A unique name for the gateway. It is a good idea for the name to include the type of gateway (eg. Worldpay corporate gateway), the currency (if applicable), and whether it is a live or test gateway.
    Select gateway Choose “Worldpay”
    Username Enter your Worldpay Merchant Code in capital letters
    XML Password Enter your XML password (This differs from the password you use to log into your Worldpay merchant account.)
    Installation ID [Corporate Gateway only]. Enter your Installation ID here. Leave blank for the Business Gateway
    Enable 3D Tick this if you want to use 3DS2 which is needed for supporters in the UK and Europe. This will enable an additional three fields.
    API Key [Enable 3D only]. Add the API Key given to you by Worldpay.
    API Key ID [Enable 3D only]. Add the API Key ID given to you by Worldpay.
    Org Unit ID [Enable 3D only]. Add the Org Unit ID given to you by Worldpay.
    Test gateway Should be checked for a test gateway, must be unchecked for a gateway that will accept live donations.
  4. Save the gateway. Repeat so you have one Gateway for Live payments, and one for Test

The XML password is set in the merchant gateway, it is not the password to log into your merchant account. The two passwords are different.

Please note that anyone within the merchant’s organization who has access to the merchant interface can change the xml password. WorldPay does not have access to the merchant’s passwords and can only assign new passwords, rendering the current password inoperable.

Enabling fields to take donations using the Worldpay gateway in Engaging Networks

The following fields need to be set up in the Account Data Structure and then added to a form block in your page using page-builder. 

You may already have some of these fields in your account, in which case you need not add them.

Basic required fields for credit/debit card single payments

The Field Name is what will appear as a label on your page next to these fields. The Field Tag tells Engaging Networks how to use the data entered. These should all have “Available to forms” ticked. 

Field Name & Field Tag Default input type Comments
Email Address Text Email address identifying the supporter record
Credit Card Holder
Text Card holder name exactly on card
Credit Card Number Token Credit card number w/o spaces
Payment Type Select

If the page is configured to only accept credit cards this is optional.

Credit cards = CreditCard (the specific type will be detected on the form and captured with the transaction )

Payment Currency Select for multiple currencies, or Hidden for a single currency

This will contain the three letter ISO-4217 currency code, eg. GBP for pounds sterling.

N.B. If you are only accepting a single currency, you must still have this on the page in your form block, but there is no need to display the field to supporters. It can be set as a “Hidden” field.

Credit Card
Split select Format must be MM/YYYY. It is recommended that you use the ‘split select’ field type, so that one field holds the month (01 to 12) and the other the year (2022 onwards).

In page-builder, it should have a delimiter of /. See below for details.

Credit Card
Verification Value
(CVV2 or CVC2)
Token The additional Card Verification Value printed on
the card, used for fraud checks.
Donation Amount Text if you don’t want to give options.

Radio with input for set amounts & an Other option.

May be entered as a whole number, or with two decimal places.

Eg. Twelve dollars may be entered as ’12’ or ‘12.00’. You may want to consider using the ‘select with input’ or ‘radio with input’ field types.

Credit card number and credit card verification values are not stored in the supporter record.

Additional fields required for Worldpay Corporate Gateway recurring payments

A recurring payment page is built in exactly the same way as a single payment pages, but with the addition of several fields specific to recurring payments:

We can only process recurring payments for the Worldpay Corporate Gateway (formerly known as the Global Gateway), not the Business Gateway. The initial payment is processed in the same way as a single payment, and then subsequent payments are requested automatically by Engaging Networks at the defined interval. You can manage recurring payments via the ‘Manage Supporters’ page in the client dashboard.

Field Name & Field Tag Default input type Description
Recurring Payment Radio or Select

Submitting “Y” will flag the transaction as a recurring payment. Any other value, e.g. “N”, will result in a single payment.

You can set this up as a radio with labels of “Recurring” and “One-off” with values of “Y” and “N” respectively.

Recurring Frequency Radio or Select

Permitted values are MONTHLY, QUARTERLY, SEMI_ANNUAL and ANNUAL. Please see the notes below on ‘select’ field types for details of ways of presenting these fields to supporters.

If you only wanted to take monthly payments, you could set this up as a Hidden field with a default value of MONTHLY in page-builder.

Recurring Day Hidden or Select The day of the month on which the recurring payment should be taken. If left blank as a Hidden field, this will use today’s day so that subsequent payments are taken on the same day as the initial payment every month.
Recurring End Date (optional) Numeric When this recurring payment should cease. The value must be in the format DD/MM/YY

Other optional fields you may want to include

It is strongly recommended you include name and address fields on your donation page for added fraud protection, since Worldpay can use these to match the card details and determine whether the donation is valid.

Field Name & Field Tag Default input type Description
Issue number Text This field must be displayed if you are potentially accepting donations from debit cards, but should not be made mandatory as not all debit cards have an issue number. It is possible to use ‘form dependencies’ to dynamically hide or show this field depending on the card type selected. Please contact us for help setting up this feature.
First name and last name Text The supporter’s first/last name (as opposed to cardholder name)
Address 1 Alphanumeric The street address of the cardholder. If this field is submitted, both postal code and country must also be submitted.
Postal code Alphanumeric The postcode of the cardholder. If this field is submitted, both address 1 and country must also be submitted.
Country Alpha The cardholder’s country. This must be submitted in upper case two-letter ISO-3166 format (for example “GB” for the United Kingdom). If this field is submitted, both postal code and address 1 must also be submitted.

Creating a donation page using the Worldpay gateway in Engaging Networks

Please refer to the step-by-step instructions to create your donation campaign. In summary, for a three-page campaign you might have a structure like this (although note you can do this over two pages, or show/hide various fields depending on how you want to present the options to the supporter):

Page 1 – personal details

Along with text blocks explaining the campaign, a form block with:

  • Donation amount – radio with input
  • First name – text
  • Last name – text
  • Address 1 – text
  • Postal code – text
  • Country (two-letter ISO-3166 format) – select
  • Email address – text
  • Opt-in – radio

Page 2 – payment details

  • Credit Card Holder Name – text
  • Credit Card Number – token
  • Payment Currency – hidden with set value
  • Credit Card Expiration – split select
  • CVV – token

Page 3 – thanks

  • Text block thanking the donor
  • Social sharing block

Testing donation pages

Provided that you are using a gateway set up in test mode, you can use the following card details during the testing process. All other form fields may take any value, as long as expiry date is set to some time in the future.

Card scheme Card numbers
Maestro 6759649826438453 (this card has no issue number but uses a start date)
Visa 4111111111111111
Amex 34343434343434
Ecmc 5555555555554444
Diners 36148900647913
Dankort 5019717010103742
Airplus 122000000000003
Laser 630490017740292441
Cb/Cartebleue 5555555555554444

You can check orders after submitting the test transaction by logging into your merchant account with Worldpay and switching to the test environment.

Updated on February 22, 2024

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