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The RSM2000 Gateway: Paperless direct debit (PDD)

This document details recurring paperless direct debit transactions via the RSM2000 gateway. RSM card payments are set up through a separate gateway – please see the dedicated document on this topic.

We can currently process recurring UK Direct Debit mandates in GBP through this gateway. The currency is selected when you set up the gateway – it is not necessary to include a currency form field in your default supporter record, or on your donation pages.

Before setting up

Before creating RSM donation pages, you will need to have arranged your merchant account with RSM and your bank.  You will need your PDD vendor ID from RSM in order to link up your gateway.

Enable (whitelist) IP addresses in your RSM account

It is necessary to log in to your RSM merchant account and enable the following IP addresses:

Setting up the gateway

It is recommended that you create and keep two separate gateway records in your account, one for testing and one linked to your live gateway. Donation pages should be linked to a test gateway initially, and then switched to a live gateway before launch. To create each one:

  1. Go to Hello NAME > Account settings > Gateways
  2. Click New Payment Gateway to create a new entry
  3. The fields are set up as follows:
Field Description
Reference name A unique name for the gateway. It is a good idea for the name to include the type of gateway (eg. RSM PDD), the currency, and whether it is a live or test gateway.
Select gateway Select the RSM PDD gateway
Vendor ID

Please note that this must be your RSM vendor ID for paperless direct debit. If you also have a vendor ID for card payments this will differ, so you will need to make sure you use the correct vendor ID for each. If you are setting up a test gateway, you can use the test vendor ID: 149


Select the appropriate currency for the gateway, subject to what you have agreed with RSM. (Currently only UK Direct Debits in GBP are possible with this gateway)

Test mode

Should be checked for a test gateway, must be unchecked for a gateway that will accept live donations.

Form fields

The following fields need to be set up in the default supporter record and then added to the form in ‘build’. Optional/required fields are indicated.

All fields directly related to payment processing (recurring payment, recurring frequency, recurring start date, bank account number, account sort code, account holder name) need to be included on the final page in the donation process.

Form field Mandatory/optional Value Description
Email Address Mandatory Alphanumeric Email. Max 50 chars.
Title Mandatory Alpha Title. Max 9 chars. Values accepted: Mr, Mrs, Mr & Mrs, Ms, Miss, Dr, Professor, Canon, Reverend, Sir, Lord, Lady, Other
First Name Mandatory Alpha Forename. Max 50 chars.
Middle Name Optional Alpha Middle name. Max 50 chars.
Last Name Mandatory Alpha Surname. Max 50 chars.
Address 1 Mandatory Alphanumeric

Address line 1 of account holder. Max 100 chars.

Address 2 Optional Alphanumeric

Address line 2 of account holder. Max 100 chars.

Address 3 Optional Alphanumeric

Address line 3 of account holder. Max 100 chars.

City Optional Alpha

Town/City of account holder address.

Region Optional Alpha

For UK this is the county. Max 30 chars.

Postcode Mandatory Alphanumeric

Post code of account holder address.

Country Mandatory Alpha

Country. Max 50 chars. (UK values accepted: UK, united kingdom, GBR) This field must be passed in on the page, but can be hidden from supporters. Set it as not visible when creating the form field.

Phone Number Optional Alphanumeric

Home phone number of account holder (accepts brackets, hyphens or spaces between numbers)

Payment type Mandatory Alpha

This field should be set to hidden with preset value: PDD

Credit Card Holder Name Mandatory Alpha

Exact name associated with the bank account. Max 50 chars.

Bank Account Number Mandatory Integer

Account number. 8 digits.

Bank Routing Transit Number Mandatory Integer

Sort Code. 6 digits, no spaces or dashes.

Donation Amount Mandatory Integer

May be entered as a whole number, or with two decimal places. Eg. Twelve pounds may be entered as ’12’ or ‘12.00’. You may want to consider using the ‘select with input’ or ‘radio with input’ field types, which will allow you to provide a few pre-defined values together with an option for the supporter to type in their own value. Enable the ‘Amount validator’ if you allow supporter input.

Recurring Payment Mandatory Alpha

In order for the gateway to recognise this is as a reoccurring payment, this field must send over the character ‘Y’. This field must be passed in on the page, but can be hidden from supporters. Set it as not visible when creating the form field.

Recurring Frequency Mandatory Integer (1,3,6,12)

Payment frequency: 1= monthly, 3= quarterly, 6= six monthly, 12= annually
It is possible to set up this form field in such a way that one value is displayed to supporters, while the valid numeric value is submitted to the gateway.

Recurring Start Date Mandatory Date format (dd/mm/yyyy)

Date of first collection.

Appeal Code Optional Alphanumeric

If you wish to tag your donations with a particular appeal code. Note: Only use alphanumeric names, as any special characters including – may be rejected by RSM.

Please note that the currency field is not required for RSM, and should not be included on donation pages – the currency for donations is defined in the gateway setup page.

It is strongly recommended that you apply validators for specific fields (e.g. numeric validator, date validator). The validators will need to be created in Pages > Components > Alerts & Validators, and then applied to specific form fields in the form block.

Testing PDD donation pages

To test your page, you will need to have obtained a PDD test vendor ID from RSM, and then use this to set up a test gateway in your Engaging Networks
account. You can then use the following details to submit test transactions:

  • Test Account Number: 12345112
  • Test Sort Code: 074456
  • Address lines: enter a valid address

All other fields may take any value.

This will produce an FUR transaction record in your transaction history.

Even when testing, you have to enter a real, valid UK address

Updated on September 16, 2021

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