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Software Updates – September 6, 2019

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Email – Domain Authentication

  • Under Email > Email Settings there is a new tab: Domain authentication. This tab will allow you to easily validate each sending domain you’re using to ensure that your SPF (mandatory) and DKIM (optional) are configured correctly. We will have a mini-webinar the week of September 23, 2019, to walk through this new tool. You can read more here.

Email Unsubscribing – Master Opt-in

We have made a significant improvement to the unsubscribe process in Engaging Networks, for clients utilizing a ‘Email Subscriptions Page’ inside of outbound emails.

The update is to provide ‘List-Unsubscribe’ support to these types of configurations.

As a brief overview, Engaging Networks currently has two methods for you to offer supporters when a supporter chooses to ‘unsubscribe’ from an email.

This first option is a ‘quick unsubscribe’ which is directly linked to an Opt-In question. This method already supports the ‘List-Unsubscribe’ implementation.

The second is that the supporter is taken to a subscription management page where often more than one Opt-In question is exposed to help with list management variations.

The ‘List-Unsubscribe’ implementation only supports a ‘one to one’ relationship to an Opt-In question. Therefore, the improvement being made is to the second configuration, whereupon inserting the ‘subscription management’ link you are now prompted to provide a ‘Master Opt-In’. Once employed, supporters that use AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail and hit the ‘Unsubscribe’ button in the dashboard, instead of your email, will have this Opt-In converted to ‘N’ value.

If you are a client who is leveraging the ‘Subscription Page’ model, for outbound email, and would like to leverage ‘List-Unsubscribe’ – please re-insert the unsubscribe link into your email templates.

Tally Tool

  • The Tally view report can be used to view recent donations from within the platform without having to download data via the query builder or by using financial reports. You can read more here.

Audit Trails

  • Audit trails have been added to include updates made to the Account Preferences, Default Account Record, Tokens, Gateways, Permission Groups, Account Emails, Content Ownership, and Highest Previous Contribution screens. Additionally, you can also view and export all audit trails from a new screen found under Account Settings > Account Logs. You can read more here.

Smart Inserts in Marketing Automation

  • Conditions are now grouped into main categories which determine what kind of information your condition will be evaluating. The conditions are checked after the time given by the previous Wait box. At this point, the automation will determine which supporters continue down which branch. You can read more here.

Feature Requests

Payment Gateways

  • In order to comply with the European ‘Second Payments Services Directive’ (PSD2), our implementations with the Paysafe and RSM2000 gateways have been completed. You can read more here

Membership Module

  • You are now able to import historical membership data into Engaging Networks. This option can be found under Data & Reports → Import membership transactions

UDX Query Builder

  • You can now export Origin Source Category and Origin Source


  • You are now able to search for Profiles that are in folders

Lookup Supporter

  • We have exposed Peer-2-Peer Registration (AMR) and Peer-2-Peer Offline Registration (ACA) transaction types to Transaction History Gadget in Lookup Supporter
  • We have removed reference to our legacy Peer-to-Peer platform – Amplify – from the Default Supporter Record
  • The recurring donations gadget now lists the next payment date


  • You can now view “web pages” in a test/preview mode. These are found under Pages > Components > Web pages. Read more here.


  • There is now a filter for attributes in Profiles

Marketing Automation

  • Marketing Automation email campaigns will now mark email addresses that hard bounce as suppressed

Two-Factor Authentication 

  • We’ve clarified the log-in screen for two-factor authentication


  • If a supporter cancels their Peer-2-Peer event or site registration, a log is now recorded and can be seen under the Lookup Supporter’s transactional gadget


  • Improvements have been made to the Fraud Alert trigger to include recurring donations

Imports, Exports, and Uploads

  • We’ve Improved the uploader for non-image (JS, CSS, etc.) file types
  • We’ve clarified language when importing HPC Value and Currency fields
  • Origin Source has been added as a transaction field to the export API fields options. To expose this as a column on the transactional file, please enable it under Data API > File Format


Payment Gateways

  • For the Moneris Vault gateway improvements in aligning order ids, post “verified by visa”, have been made
  • For the Stripe gateway and with 3DS2 enabled, a hidden currency field caused the transaction to fail, this has been fixed
  • For the Paypal Pro gateway and with 3DS2 enabled, Pay via PayPal is now supported

Page Builder

  • When using Pay via Paypal, In Memoriam inserts did not populate on the thank you page post-processing, this has been fixed
  • Using the bulk edit to change page status removed attributes, this has been fixed
  • There was an issue with the Survey Page freezing after adding/removing a blank question, this has been fixed
  • Survey page’s ‘Additional options’ IF field settings are now remembered on re-opening/editing the question
  • Clear data on Survey pages did not initially clear its data. This item was hotfixed just after the last release. It has been included in these release notes for exposure.
  • Under Notification Emails, the Opt-In filter has been improved

The Supporter Hub

  • When a supporter updated their question, via the HUB, the respective QCB is now included in the Export API
  • Hidden fields were not respected in the Supporter Hub donation gadget, this has been fixed


  • When creating a new blueprint template, the preview screen was hiding the Save button if the Chrome browser was being used, this has been fixed

Data & Reports

  • It was reported that if a supporter had an extremely long email address, it could not be deleted through the bulk process, this has been fixed


  • There was a visual issue when trying to delete a reference database and then canceling the request, this has been fixed


  • The ‘send from’ dropdown now visually respects the previously saved option


  • When the supporter’s ‘create date’ filter was used in a query and subsequently saved, upon returning and re-editing that query there was an issue that caused the ‘create date’ component’s delete icon to not work as expected, this has been fixed

Marketing Automation

  • Under particular cases, the interactions report for supporters on a workflow did not display ‘send date’, this has been fixed

This update is Version 3.53.0

Hotfix September 24, 2019

For JavaScript developers, we released a small update to add three new ‘page hooks’ to help standardize ‘event interception’ and to help custom scripts to follow a more formal methodology.

Updated on February 4, 2020

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