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Software Updates – September 28, 2018

Legacy Sunset

As a reminder, legacy page URLs will cease to work as of 1st January 2019.

You can continue to edit legacy pages in the software throughout the rest of 2018. However, if you would like any to redirect to a page-builder page in 2019 you will need to change their ‘status’ to ‘closed’  (in the admin settings) and enter the URL of your new page by the end of the year. You’ll be able to view legacy pages for historical purposes going forward, you will still be able to export data relating to them via the query builder and – importantly – if you have recurring donations tied to legacy pages these will also continue to process.

However, if you do not have a redirect in place by 31st December, the actual page link(s) will fail beginning 1st January 2019.

Notable Items

Functional Improvements


  • When exporting from the Finance Reports tool, you can only have one report being processed at any time per user. We’ve updated the error message to be more clear, it now states: “There is already a transaction reports job being processed, or a transaction report is awaiting download in the Job Monitor. Please check the Jobs Monitor.”

Peer-to-Peer Reporting

New peer-to-peer reports have been added, for:

  • Discount Report: Summarizes discount code details, limits and usage.

  • Registration Type Summary Report: Summarizes event registrations by participant type.

  • Group Roster: Displays site fundraisers by group affiliation, and group hierarchy.

Data Services

  • There have been improvements made to the export job processor, in order to make it more efficient.

The Hub

  • Under the Donations Gadget, any hidden fields that are set on the associated donation page’s form, are now respected on submission.


  • The ECF transaction type, which is generated on Ecard pages, will now include a reference to the Fundraising – In Memoriam (FIM) transaction type in Campaign Data 3

  • For the Stripe gateway, the currency dropdown for Event pages is now available.

  • To better handle ‘trailing slashes’ at the end on URLs, the <form action=”X”> attribute is now using its full base path. 

    For example, action=”https://e-activist.com/2″ has now been updated to use action=”https://e-activist.com/page/11832/donate/2″.


  • Resend Registration Confirmation Email:  Administrators can now re-send the registration confirmation email to registered fundraisers from the Manage Fundraiser area of the administration system.

  • Enhancements to discount code display: Administrators can now sort the display by code usage and code limit.

  • Offline Gift Form – Payment Types:  Administrators can now translate the gift type items for offline entry.

  • Fundraiser Search:  Site display now allows donors and site visitors the option on the results display.

Payment Gateways (Worldpay)

  • Following a Visa and MasterCard mandate for payment processors, we will now store an additional id for the transaction id. For clients using Worldpay, you will note a change in the gateway transaction ID (campaign data 2) in your Engaging Network’s Transactional Data, post this release. Worldpay transaction IDs moving forward will have 2 parts to them (paymentToken__networkTransactionId).

Payment Gateways (PaySafe)

  • The ‘3D Secure’ payment flow is now supported, through the PaySafe gateway. If you are interested in applying this for card processing feature, please reach out to support.


  • We’ve included a fix to better support a bug in Internet Explorer 11 in how the browser handles ‘flex’ rendering. This is to help with advanced column rendering.

Bug Fixes


  • In certain instances, URLs stemming from split tests defaulted to /action/ in the URL path, instead of the expected /donate/ or /petition/ etc.. This bug has been fixed and should now render the correct page type in the URL.

  • When duplicating an Email-to-Target campaign, which had redirect and filters included, the subsequent page had an issue on loading. This bug has been fixed.


  • Under the user management screen, opening multiple API users caused a loading error. This has now been resolved.


  • When changing the template of an existing page, if the template was created from the new ‘sample templates’, the new ‘style editor’ loaded the html view instead of the visual view. This bug has now been fixed.

Premium Donation Pages

  • There was a bug under premium donations that if the shipping address block was not included, state or region data was being stored as city on the PTM transaction. This issue has been resolved.

Marketing Automation

  • Under certain conditions, an error occurred when editing a split test email in marketing automation. This bug has been fixed.


  • Under Page > Components > Questions and Opt-ins, the ‘opt in with confirmation email landing page’ was not correctly inserting the base URL, set under the Account Settings. This was only for new components. This bug has been fixed.


  • Administration | Blocking Fundraisers: Blocking fundraiser tools are now automatically closing all fundraiser pages.

  • Administration | Task Widget: Unchecking a task now removes it from the fundraiser dashboard.

  • Administration | Participant Types: The administrative interface now does not allow you to delete participant types that have active registrations.

  • Group Summary Report: The number of groups column is now reporting accurate numbers.

  • Password Reset Process: On sites with custom domains, the password reset process would send users back to the login. This is resolved.

  • Public Fundraiser Search: Data displayed under team and individuals on teams is now accurate.

  • Public Personal Pages: Video and organization information now displays on personal fundraising pages on mobile devices.

  • Registration Process | Creating a page URL: Validation code has been added to prevent the inclusion of special characters in the URL that cause errors.

Lookup Supporters

  • When updating a supporter using the pencil icon, the ‘modified date’ was not always being updated for MSU (manage supporter updates) transaction types in the export API. We’ve updated this to better reflect the modified date.

Updated on July 15, 2019

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