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Software Updates – Peer-to-Peer – Version 4.0

Notable Improvements

Family Registration

Many nonprofit organizations run Peer-to-Peer events that require registration for everyone in the family, but most eCRM systems require an email address for each registrant.  This causes families to use invalid email addresses in order to register each child in the family.

Engaging Networks Peer-to-Peer now has a participant type for families.  The option can be configured to work for a variety of payment options. This type allows families to register together and share a fundraising page.

Payment Options

  • Charge one fee for unlimited family size
  • Charge different fees for the primary registrant than subsequent members
  • Charge distinct fees for adult members vs. children


  • Limit the total number of family members
  • Allows for the collection of fields and questions for each family member (example: T-shirt size)
  • Creates one login and one fundraising page
  • Fundraisers can edit family members from within the Dashboard

Reporting – Reports provide administrators key information on the whole family. Reports include:

  • New Family Registration Detail Report 
  • Registration Type Summary Report 
  • Registration Detail Report 
  • Fundraiser Detail Report 
  • Site Summary Report

Improved Back-office Registration Management

Administrators can now fully manage the registered fundraisers to their Peer-to-Peer events. email address insert

Add fundraiser

Cancel Registration

Administrators can now cancel a fundraisers event participation with one button.  The cancel button will appear on the fundraiser’s overview tab.  


  • Administrators can choose to keep the fee as a donation
  • If they choose to refund the fee, the fee will be marked pending refund until it is dealt with on the payment gateway
  • The fundraiser page will be closed and marked canceled
  • Donations will not be refunded
  • New reports provide administrators key information on canceled and refunds

Refund Management

When an administrator refunds a registration fee from the supporter record, the matching site registration will be refunded, and site registration and page status will be updated.  

Back-office Gift entry – Donor Lookup

Now, when Administrators are entering or reviewing offline gifts made, they can search for existing donors by email address and connect those gifts with their record. 

This feature will reduce duplicate records from being created and provide quick entry of gifts made by cash or check.

Back-office Registration with Cash/Check Registration Fee

Administrators can now fully manage the registration process for their event-driven Peer-to-Peer events.  The new administration tools now provide staff the ability to register people who have been fundraisers in the past, without knowing their login information. 

Through new tools in the administration dashboard, staff can register new or previous supporters. The interface provides a search tool.  If the supporter is found, the registration form is pre-filled with the fundraiser’s information.


  • Register supporters that have previously participated in your events
  • Maintains supporters private user credentials by using their existing password
  • Allows for both online (credit card) or offline (cash or check) payment for the registration fee
  • Administrators can now process registration fees through the site that are cash or check payments.

Dynamic Reporting

Provides your event administrators complete access to site data!

  • Save Your Custom Report for Reuse
  • Click headers to change the sort order
  • Filter data on the fly
  • Export to Excel, CSV
  • Choose Report Columns
  • Add and Remove to meet your needs
  • Drag and drop column order

Functional Improvements

  • Milestone Emails by Campaign: Administrators can create Percent (%) to Goal emails that are specific for DIY page owners by Campaign Type
  • Milestone Emails by Amount: Administrators can create Currency amount emails
  • RECaptcha on the registration form: Security has been added to your P2P registration forms.
  • Easily Add cookie warning (GDPR): Administrators can now add a Cookie warning with consent to all sites. 
  • Site dashboard:  The site dashboard now includes number (#) of donations and number (#) of donors

Bug Fixes – The following issues have been resolved:

  • Batch Offline Payment: The page id export was missing the first-page id in the dataset.
  • Group Creation: Recruitment Goal is no longer required for saving a group
  • Default emails malformed:  When creating a new site, the default email template code was missing a tag that caused the email to be malformed.
  • Edit comments from manage payments: When administrators were editing comments from the manage payments area, the changes were not saving.
  • Page URL Clash between Group page and personal page: When a registrant created a group during registration, the system was letting them use the same URL. 
  • Team Page: Team page now shows more than 20 team members
  • Search Results Event P2P, Individual Panel now includes Page name
  • Donor Comments – Timestamp: format on Donor Comments matches site settings
  • Non-English Characters in Page body: Non-English characters are not decoded when sharing by email from a fundraiser page.
  • UK domains:  The system now allows for domains with two (dots)
  • Offline Gifts:  Selecting Check was not saving.
Updated on October 7, 2019

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