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Software Updates – Peer-to-Peer – Version 4.0 incremental release

Released 12 December 2019

Functional Improvement

  • Offline Donation Report: Added Donor anonymous setting and comments to the report
  • Registration & ea_Tracking_id:  Tracking ids have now been added to the registration transaction and to the Registration detail report.
  • Fundraiser Detail Report:  Added fundraiser activity fields to this report (emails sent, facebook shares, twitter posts)
  • Donor Thank you email:  Donor email has been added as a variable that can be added to this email
  • Event Activity Roster Report:  Added fundraiser goal and amount raised to this report

Bug Fixes

The following issues have been resolved:

  • No ability to close a Group Page if there is not a leader – Close group button has been added to the manage group and manage pages interfaces
  • Manage Fundraisers: Filter and export – Export is now honoring the filters selected
  • Duplication of a DIY site: Does not copy the images (thumbnail) over
  • Moneris gateway can error with commas in the address field – Comma scrubbing has been added
  • Two milestones emails sent if a user qualifies for two at the same time – Logic has been added to only send the highest one.
  • Back-end WYSIWYG does not display bullets – WYSIWYG CSS has been updated with basic styles
  • Old DIY sites report an error when trying to go live – Error about email has been resolved
  • Database error reported when adding a comma into the amount field when entering an offline gift – Resolved
  • Header Search reporting an error when a user types in two words with a space – Resolved
  • Save & Approve & Create button not behaving as designed – Resolved
  • Reporting – Donations Made during Registration were not reporting donor address – Resolved
  • Fundraising Goal rules defined on the Participant type level were not taking precedence over the rules on the role level – Resolved
Updated on December 13, 2019

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