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Software Updates – November 30, 2018

Legacy Sunset

As a reminder, legacy page URLs will cease to work as of 18th January 2019 (January 18, 2019).

You can continue to edit legacy pages in the software until 18th January 2019. However, if you would like any to redirect to a page-builder page after 18th January 2019 you will need to change their ‘status’ to ‘closed’  (in the admin settings) and enter the URL of your new page by 18th January 2019 (here is a video on how to do that). You’ll be able to view legacy pages for historical purposes going forward, you will still be able to export data relating to them via the query builder and – importantly – if you have recurring donations tied to legacy pages these will also continue to process.

However, if you do not have a redirect in place by 18th January, the actual page link(s) will fail beginning 19th January 2019.

Notable Items


This is the initial release of the membership module for page-builder. With it comes the ability to define a Membership type (Components > Membership types) and its options. These options include the ability to set term duration, number of associated members, start timeframe, and what the cost of membership will be for each term’s duration.

Membership types are then added to pages, which would visually render a list for supporters. A supporter, after selecting a membership level, would be taken to the next page which displays the relevant membership’s options – term selection, optional ‘additional donation’, promotion codes, the ability to allow a supporter to pay for the membership in instalments or outright, and an order summary block. These options are all offered out the box without needing to use additional code blocks.

A unique membership ID is now also generated for a membership purchase. A supporter can use that ID when a they want to renew their membership. It can also be pulled through the ENS API. The latter being useful in cases were membership content is offered via an external site.

To simplify renewals for supporters, a new ‘Membership gadget’ has been added to the HUB. This allows supporters to log in and view their current membership(s) status, by using their email address or membership id. Within the gadget, a supporter can renew and update/fix their card on file.

Email Suppression screen

The Email Suppressions screen has been overhauled to make it easier for you to view supporters who fall in the various suppression buckets.

Additionally, two ‘Notable Lists’ have been added to view supporters who a) have no Opt-in question value of “Y” and b) who have been assigned ‘auto’ generated emails. These ‘auto’ generated emails end with @noaddress.ea.

Peer-to-Peer: Fundraiser Detail with Registration

This new report is a combination of the Fundraiser detail report and the Registration detail report. It displays the fundraising performance of each registrant of the site and includes the information collected during registration. This includes questions, opt-ins, and untagged fields.

Functional Improvements


  • The legacy Manage Account Emails section has been ported over to the new user interface and can now be managed under Account Settings > Account Emails

  • Under user accounts, you may now filter users by admin type. We also added pagination for easy navigation of users.


  • The Email ‘list’ view has now been overhauled, in order to improve search functionality and bring it in line with how the ‘Pages’ list works. In short, you can now search for an email, by name, across folders.

Marketing Automation

  • Improvements have been made to the marketing automation send process.

  • Improved validation messaging in cases where the user pauses the journey and enables within the same hour.


  • The address lookup checkbox will now only display on Email to Target campaigns.

  • On creation of a new display widget, the drop-down to select the relevant statistic now defaults to ‘display unique participations’. This is due to this stat being the most popular option.

  • A warning message has been implemented to better safeguard against account users accidentally closing a tab, whilst still building content through the email or page-builder editors.

  • For all page types, a new setting has been added to page admin settings to allow a client to specify ‘X-Frame-Options’ options. This setting is labelled ‘Allow page to be hosted in iframe on third-party page’. Upon checking it will expose a text field to enter an ‘allowed’ domain.

Please note: that this release does not yet use this setting – until checked. This initial release is intended to help test how this will work across pages, as currently, it appears to only be supported by Mozilla Firefox. Clients who are iframing pages will not be affected. If you are iframing ‘page-builder’ forms – please reach out to support for guidance and if you wish to help test this mechanism.


  • ENS: We’ve added better error messaging if field names are incorrect

  • ENS: Allow retrieval of membership details through ENS


  • Added the ability to upload products (premium and symbolic) via CSV file.

  • Added the ability to add SEO title and description to the product

  • Under master dashboard, code blocks can be included into pages.

Origin Source

  • Origin Source and Origin Source Categories are now queryable through the User Query Builder and via Profiles.

Payment Gateway

  • For the Stripe gateway – Email and Description is now being passed along to the ‘Customer’ object, upon payment processing.


  • Change in logic for suggested page URL:  During registration, the system pre-fills the page URL for fundraisers.  This suggestion was using the fundraisers first name. This has been changed to use the fundraisers first and last names. This will reduce the frequency of duplication warnings being presented to fundraisers.

  • Box size for Send Email: The email box presented for editing when creating an email in the fundraiser dashboard, has been increased to make entering email text easier for fundraisers.

Bug Fixes


  • If a ‘Send from’ email had been deleted, a user was unable to use the same name. This has now been fixed.

Marketing Automation

  • In cases where complex journeys have been created, we have made improvements to the drag and drop click back functionality.

Page Components

  • To improve the UI, we have removed the ‘Save’ button, after the image upload process is completed.

  • Under certain conditions, the NSG block was not rendering correctly. This has now been fixed.

The Hub

  • Under the Hub donation gadget,  a negative amount was displayed if the last gift was refunded. This has now been fixed.

Account Settings

  • There was a visual bug if ‘campaign references’ fields were enabled, but not in the order of 1 – 5. This has now been fixed.


  • Under Finance Report, create date has been overwritten by campaign date, this has now been fixed.

  • Under quick reports, failed donations were included in the totals. This has now been fixed.

Lookup Supporter

  • Under certain conditions, when looking up the transaction history gadget of a supporter, the EBC transaction type was not correctly indicating that a conversion occurred through a donation page. This has now been fixed.

Payment Gateway

  • As part of VISA and MasterCard’s 2018 mandate requirements, updates to our recurring processing rules were made to capture and store ‘original transaction’ for processing. There were reports that on the Worldpay (originally Vantiv) gateway, single gifts had ‘Recurring Charge’ written to final statements. We have now altered single gift processing to not store the ‘original transaction id’, which should rectify what appears on final statements.


  • Under certain conditions, the cc-ing of house representatives were failing to be delivered. This has now been resolved.


  • Site Copy with Discounts causes an error: Making a duplication of an event site that had discounts configured caused an error in the new site. This has now been fixed.

  • First Folder creation causes an error:  In an account where no sites or folders have been created; creating a folder reported an error. This has now been fixed.

  • Turning off-site Thermometers not removing it from the Search display:  Turning off the site thermometers left the search display looking unbalanced. This has now been fixed.

  • Translation of label on search buttons was not working:  Changing the button term from Labels and Text manager was not changing the button on the search page. This has now been fixed.

  • Task List Actions for Facebook and Twitter:  Choosing the options for Facebook and Twitter from the task list inside of the fundraiser dashboard now pop-up these sharing tools. This has now been fixed.

  • Task List labels misaligned:  Task list labels where misaligned with the functions. This has now been fixed.

Updated on May 31, 2019

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