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Software Updates – November 15, 2019

Notable Updates

Improved Advocacy UI

At the start of an Email to Target, Tweet to Target, or Click to Call campaign, you’ll now be able to select candidates that you want to specifically target for your actions when selecting a database.

In addition, improvements have been made to two databases to help clients target Committees and Subcommittees in the US Senate and House legislature. You can see this in action here.

This work will allow us to expand to other databases that Engaging Networks currently maintains.

Feature Requests


When selecting who should be the “Sender” for an individual Ecard, you can now toggle between your choices (either an organizational contact or the supporter).


Under Data & Reports > Visual Reports > Account, Peer-to-Peer transactions have been added as a possible supporter source for first actions.

‘pageJson’ object

An improvement has been made so that developers, using the ‘pageJson’ object on page render, may see that a redirect is currently set on a page.


On the receipt and thank you email, the date merge fields may now be inserted with UTC offset. This update is designed to help clients in different time zones.


To better help clients with their email reporting, in a third party monitoring tool, we added the ‘x-job header’ to outbound email.

The Supporter Hub

You can now update recurring gifts for supporters who made their gift using the Pay via PayPal method.

Profiles and Query Builder

We’ve removed the “Email a Friend” parameter.

We’ve added the Swiss Franc to the currency selector in Profiles and Queries

Manage Supporter

We’ve added External CRM Segments, Peer-to-Peer Gift Referrals, and Marketing Automation workflows to the supporter’s Activity Gadget Summary.


An iterative number sequence has been added to the MMR (Membership Member) row in the Transaction Export. This will help help third-party CRMs know which is the primary member row on export. This sequence will be present on Campaign Data 22.

Payment Gateways

Implement SetupIntent with Stripe to support SCA and 3DS.


Marketing Automation

The foldering system was not respecting user changes, this has been fixed.

Payment Gateways

When using Stripe, and having 3DS2 (PSD2) active, a supporter’s email address and other details were not stored in the same manner as when 3DS2 is turned off. This has been fixed.

When using Stripe, the ‘Transaction ID’ for subsequent recurring payments was not matching the initial value under Campaign Data 2. This has been fixed.

When using Stripe, we have improved the readability of the stored error message code for a rejected donation.

Manage Supporters

When using Lookup Supporters to update a recurring donation’s (FCR) card number, we cancel the original transaction and create a new instance. The old FCR is shown in red in Lookup Supporters, but when exporting, it didn’t show the cancellation. This has been rectified so that the canceled transaction displays CANCELED in column Campaign 10

If a supporter has more than one failed recurring gift (FCR), the additional FCRs were not rendering. This has been fixed.


Specifically for Click-to-Call and Tweet-to-Target page types, RECAPTCHA validation wasn’t removed if an action has 2 pages and it has a missing required field (like tweet contact) on the second page. This has been fixed.


When inserting a particular “recurring start date” format, into a thank you email, that format was not rendering correctly. This has been fixed.


The “Targets” visual report was not loading properly due to an inefficient query. This has been fixed.


When downloading messages that supporters sent to a target, excessive comma use was breaking the export. This has been fixed.


Users need to have the Pages > Manage Pages permission to update their password in the software. This has been fixed.

Software update for Version 3.55.0. This page also includes description of updates for 3.54.0


In Email to Targets, the Custom Target search and sort were not working. This was fixed in a hotfix.

Updated on February 3, 2020

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