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Software Updates – June 14, 2019


UDX Query Builder

  • You can now select multiple emails based on created date, sent date, tag, type, or attribute.

Audit Trails

  • Audit trails have been added to page edits and some additional work was done so in the next release we can do the same for  lookup supporters and user changes.

Fraud and Spam

  • A new account email has been added – High Rejections Summary Notification Email to Clients. This email will inform the recipient if there were rejected transactions, how many rejected transactions from the previous day, and which gateway they were rejected by. This report falls under the “Spam/Fraud notification recipient” type. For the report to be triggered, there need to be 30 or more rejections by a gateway in 2 hours. As long as there is a recipient for that email type in the account, the report will be sent if the threshold is met. 


  • When adding CAPTCHA to a page, you can now determine if it should be rendered for all supporters; or, only those that are accessing the page from an IP address from select countries.


  • The ‘Blueprint template editor’ has been added to client accounts. This HTML Template editor provides technical users and agencies a method of creating great looking templates, without non-technical users needing to get into the HTML to make styling changes. By adding ‘replacement inserts’, which trigger visual options, templates can be easily updated. Check out this screen recording to see how it works.

Feature Requests

Payment Gateways

  • In order to comply with the European ‘Second Payments Services Directive’ (PSD2), our implementations with the Stripe and Paypal gateways have been updated in order to work with Strong Customer Authentication. It is worth mentioning that Paypal is leveraging the third party provider CardinalCommerce, whilst Stripe has its own implementation.
  • Multiple PayPal merchant accounts, on the same donation page, are now supported when combined with a supporter’s currency selection and the payment type “Pay via Paypal”.
  • You can now insert redacted account number and start date, into the auto-responder email, for the RSM gateway. You can also use “Frequency” as a custom auto-responder conditional email.

Membership Module

  • Profiles can now be built using Membership information (Purchases, Status, Expiring Date, and Renewals).

UDX Query Builder

  • Imported QCB transaction can now be exported as a transaction.
  • QCB updates made in the supporter HUB will be included in a transaction export.


  • Folders can no longer be deleted if they have content in them from a different component.
  • There has been a character maximum of 100 characters applied to folder names.

Reference Data

  • Existing advocacy clients will know that ‘Reference Data’ was currently included in the legacy layer. This has now been ported over to the new user interface and is now available under the ‘Target Settings’ of Email to Target page type.

Manage Supporter

  • To help clients manage GDPR ‘Right of Access’ requests, a “Download All” button has been added to the supporter lookup page that allows a complete set of a supporter’s transactional data (including user data), to be downloaded. This would include donations, actions, opt-ins, email transactions, etc. Here is what it looks like.


  • A warning screen now pops up if a user is already editing a page (see image below).
  • Receipts can now be included in custom notification emails.
  • If an auto-responder email message bounces are is marked as SPAM, we now include those in our auto-suppression list.


  • Clients can now designate their own sender address.


  • There are two phone number tagged fields in Engaging Networks – phoneNumber and phoneNumber2. Either of these phone fields can now be used on Click-to-Call pages. As a reminder, phoneNumber2 should be used for mobile numbers.


  • Query data for audience builds will be stored for 12 months (as compared to 6 months as it currently is stored).
  • Email templates can now be renamed.
  • Email templates can now be edited from inside the email builder instead of having to make those edits to the template.

Logging in

  • If a user has the same username across multiple different accounts, they are unable to reset their password using the “reset password” link. They will now see the message “Unable to reset this user’s password due to this email being tied to multiple client accounts. Please instead contact the account’s respective administrator, for help in resetting your credentials”.

Engaging Networks Services (ENS)

  • In this release, all REST based supporter calls will be bound to the whitelisted IP addresses, set in the API user’s settings. Currently, IP checking is done on the /ens/service/authenticate method with a view that /ens/service/supporter/ calls are then scoped by a security permission. Our recommended approach has been to utilize different API users for supporter lookup and page processing. To enhance security for the /ens/service/supporter/ calls, IP addresses will now be checked on each call. Clients who currently utilize API users, have already been contacted. 

Marketing Automation

  • We have added a new filter for advocacy actions to check for page converted on all advocacy page types – including Tweet-to-Target and Click-to-Call.
  • We’ve added clearer language to the New to Supporter and New to Donor Marketing Automation workflows to indicate their purpose more clearly.



  • Folders can no longer be deleted if they have content in them from a different component


  • There was a mismatch of locales supported and locales listed, under the Account Settings. In order to match what can be offered, the locale list has been reviewed and updated.


  • We now will display a better error message indicating that there is an issue with the additional donation amount field if you put an alphanumeric promo code in the additional donation field.
  • When using Stripe 3D as a payment gateway on an event page, ticket selection was disabled. This has been fixed.

Email-to-Target (ETT)

  • If you had different copy in an ETT message based on processing rules (ie. a thank you to one set of targets and a “disappointed in you” message to another set of targets), it was reverting back to the basic email copy.


  • Under a particular set of circumstances, radio values seem to get deleted after applying a field update to the form block. This has been fixed.


  • You were unable to cancel the delete confirmation message popup when attempting to delete an email template. This has been fixed.
  • After clicking ‘Show query information’ from an email campaign report, the report overlay can’t be closed. This has been fixed.


  • We have improved the sorting features of ‘Override Page Name’ (under API Options)

UDX Query Builder

  • When adding a Marketing Automation filter, as an exclude parameter, there was a JavaScript error in the console and the Loading message would display indefinitely. This has been fixed.


  • There was a visual bug that prevented end users from being able to see that Next Suggestion gift strings were still present on a donation form block. This has been fixed.
  • If there is a shared form block with a triple select field on, changing one of the field’s values does not save properly. This has been fixed.


  • When importing a file and using a saved import, the import job was including additional unmapped fields if they were in the import file. This has been fixed.


  • If more than two (2) featured lists were listed on a page, that page was then showing all featured lists. This has been fixed.


We released a hotfix on 17 June to fix two issues from the 14 June 2019 release:

  • We had some reports that when using Paypal as a secondary gateway that the payments were failing. This has been resolved 
  • Exporting transaction advocacy data via the query builder resulted in an empty export. This did not cause any issues with the Export API. This has been resolved 

We released a further hotfix on 19 June to fix an issue with email to target pages using editable areas. The message was being removed in certain circumstances. This has been resolved.

Updated on July 19, 2019

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