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Release Notes January 24, 2020

Notable Updates

Locking down domains

Under Account Settings you’ll have the ability to ‘White-list’ domains that can render your pages. This will allow you to control the subdomains and domains that your pages can appear as.

By default, the ‘Whitelisted Domains’ input will be blank. This means that all domains will load pages.

This includes our own https://e-activist.com, https://us.e-activist.com and https://netdonor.net domains. Once domains are set in the configuration, on page load – only domains that match the whitelist will be allowed to render the page to the supporter. Please review and then list all domains used, on front facing pages, before applying this setting.

For more information on this, click here.

Peer-to-Peer gadget in The Hub

There is a new gadget in The Hub that will allow your Peer-to-Peer fundraisers to see their fundraising history for your organization. This will include:

  • The site name and ID
  • The page name and ID
  • The supporter email address and ID
  • Whether or not the site is active

And, the ability to log in directly from The Hub to the Peer-to-Peer site.

Confirmation button on email sends has been updated

When you go to send an email you are given the option to ‘Send the email campaign immediately’ or ‘Schedule the email campaign to send later’. 

If you choose ‘Schedule the email campaign to send later’ you’ll see the confirmation button will render as ‘Schedule Send DD/MM/YYYY.

If you choose ‘Send Immediately’, you’ll see the confirmation button will render ‘Send Immediately’.

Using “Other 1” to determine payment gateway

When choosing a payment gateway you now have the ability to choose  a different gateway based on the value that is passed in the ‘Other 1’ field. For example, if you operated in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia and had three different Stripe accounts for each of those states you could select a different gateway for each state. 

Salesforce Integration

Development has begun to allow for easier syncing of data from Engaging Networks to/from Salesforce. We are excited that our first iteration of work (Contact Syncing) has been completed.

With a full refresh of our Salesforce integration to be on the AppExchange, planned later this year, we will keep you posted on the next release with easier Campaign Linking and Transaction Mappings tools.

Feature Requests

Marketing Automation

We’ve made some general updates to Marketing Automation to help provide clarity when marketing automation workflows do not run as expected.

  • We no longer allow the same profile to be used in two (or more) automations.
  • When changing the profile associated with a workflow we will force the automation to stop and then need to be relaunched.
  • We have removed the ‘Query Preview’ on workflows that will always return 0 supporters.
  • We’ve updated the ‘Profile’ help text to clarify that “When the automation is launched, its profile will be scheduled to gather all those that qualify. While the automation is live, the profile will continue to run once a day to check for newly qualified supporters.”

Data & Reports

When creating Annual Receipts you will now have the option to select FCA (Cash) and FCH (Check) transaction types to be included and can limit batches to only recurring gifts.


When editing a campaign link, tracking parameters will be retained.

Payment Gateways

We now integrate with our 14th payment gateway — ACI Payments.


We’ve updated the max length for fields in the Event Attendee block and added a truncating function in case a value above max length is entered. That’s 50 for title, 200 for address 1 and 100 for everything else.

Data Security

We are now storing clientId in PageState. If the clientId changes, the PageSession gets reset. This will help reduce fraud as spammers will be unable to test pages and cause issues with PageSession between different client accounts.

Recurring Donations

You can update the recurring gift day and status via ENS


An iterative number sequence has been added to the MMR (Membership Member) row in the Transaction Export. This will help third-party CRMs know which is the primary member row on export. This sequence will be present on Campaign Data 16.

Membership Module

The fields ‘Additional Comments and, ‘Appeal Code’ are now available to be used on Membership pages.


The ‘Additional Comments’ field, can now be included on page 2.  Previously, it was mandatory for this field to be present on page 1 for processing.


Payment Gateways

For clients using Moneris and Verified by Visa (3D Secure Process), we were not passing all  supporter details because of a workflow issue. This has been updated so supporter data will be passed to Moneris.

REST Services

If you POST-ed to a page and included question data, the notifications that were sent only contained supporter data. This has been fixed.

Marketing Automation

When using the Query Builder UDX, if you selected the Marketing Automation feature and then filtered by ‘individual messages’ the list was not scrollable. This has been fixed.

Membership Module

If you edited a promo code, the date moved back by one each time you opened it to edit it. This has been fixed.

Hotfix January 31, 2020

This hotfix was applied to patch the January 24, 2020 release.

Advocacy pages

  • Selecting email-to-target filters was resulting in the screen freezing. This has been resolved.
  • The selection of contacts from a database was sometimes not saving for tweet-to-target and click-to-call pages. This has been resolved.

Default data lists

  • The supplied default US State list was not in alphabetical order. This has been corrected.

Marketing automations

As a result of improvements to managing automations (see above):

  • you could no longer view profiles in live automations. You can now view, but not edit, them.
  • automations could be launched without a profile selected. This has been corrected.

Data export

  • PTM transaction rows were not being exported. This has been resolved.
Updated on February 4, 2020

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