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Software Updates – April 12, 2019

Notable Items

Survey Page Type

  • A new page type has been added to page-builder that allows you to create surveys with three types of questions – Image Select, Rating, and Scale (Click the picture below to view the three questions in action)

  • The survey page type will have a new block type, called ‘Survey Block’

  • This block will store the questions in a separate table, which will allow for aggregated reporting and easy download of responses

Geo Location

  • The new geo-targeting feature located in Exports will allow you to create a radius around a particular location once you have imported longitude and latitude, and capture all supporters inside that radius in order to send a targeted e-mail. 

E-card Scheduling

  • This feature will allow supporters to schedule ecards to send on a future date. Click the image below to see the new option on the e-card block.

Functional improvements

Advocacy Module

  • You now have the ability to delay sending Email-to-Target campaigns when using our Advocacy Databases (e.g. to hold off on sending the campaign until legislative debate is completed). Click below to see this setting the admin settings.

Marketing Automation

  • You can create Marketing Automation workflows that will notify a recurring donor that their gift has successfully or unsuccessfully been processed.

Query UDX

  • Membership pages are available when creating queries in the Query Builder UDX.

Payment Gateways

  • Added ‘Verified by Visa’ to Moneris Vault payment gateway.

Engaging Networks Services (ENS)

  • Added a new service that will pull a question by its ID and include all the full object details

Fundraising Alerts

  • You can set-up a new alert in your account that will notify employees of your organization that more than 5 rejected transactions have occurred on a page in the last 15 minutes (see sample notification below). This can be added under Account Settings → Account Emails → Spam/Fraud notification recipient. As a reminder, your payment gateway will always be the best source of fraudulent protection. All clients that use the fundraising module should setup this alert. Click on the preview below to see what this alert will look like.

Bug fixes

  • An email insert, which goes to page 2, should bounce supporter back to page 1 on forward=true

  • Tweak tabs to prevent Marketing automation “failed to save journey” error

  • MA timing issues for Birthday MA 

  • Potential Impact:  Under a particular use case and launch sequence, supporters may have been receiving a birthday email a little early or a little late.
  • PB: searching for pages with ‘ in locks web page

  • Email – Saved Query edits do not stick 

  • Potential Impact: If you made edits to a query when you selected your audience before sending an email campaign, those changes would not save for future uses.
  • UDX : running saved query shows 0 at first 

  • Potential Impact: If you would have created a query for future pages, the first time that you ran that query it would show 0 results, even if there were results. It would show the correct number of results once it had been re-ran.
  • Screen freezes when moving profile to a new folder

  • Master Dashboard Community Assets: accepting template and giving it existing name freezes screen

Updated on May 29, 2019

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