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Release Notes April 2020

Version 3.57.0, released 10 April 2020

Release Update Highlights

Release Update In Depth Webinar

Notable Updates

Update to Tracking and Marketing Channels


The ‘Tracking parameter’ functionality has received an overhaul to its user interface, along with additional upgrades to help in general management.

You are now able to manage tracking via the Component menu. From here you can now view all Tracking parameters, execute bulk tasks (Delete, Assign to Channel, Assign to Page) and use the filter options to highlight Favorites, Archived and Marketing Channel assignments.

A new feature is the inclusion of an ‘Archive date’, for organizations who use tracking only through particular periods. This will help reduce clutter by hiding tracking parameters that are will not be use in the future. Note that URLs that include ‘archived’ Tracking parameters will still operate and capture as expected. They will also remain visible if applied on a page.

Through Manage Channels > Bulk Assign Tracking, bulk export and import of Tracking is now possible. The bulk import tool now allows for the import of new Tracking, and/or the update of Marketing Channel and Archive date values.

When adding Tracking to pages, the capacity to append ‘Custom Parameters’ and ‘Append Google Analytics UTM codes (beta)’ is now on offer.

You can read more on this here.

Marketing Channels

This is currently in beta phase and is open for feedback.

Found via the Components menu, ‘Marketing Channels’ are now available and are tied to Tracking parameters. A predefined set of Channels are on offer, which have been roughly aligned with Google Analytics’ offerings. We would like to hear more on which Channels would help clients group and class their Tracking parameters.

The purpose of Marketing Channels are to group Tracking into useful segments for reporting, querying and URL building.

Initially, Marketing Channel can be used with the Tracking layer to render our URLs that include Google Analytics UTM codes.

Future improvements to ‘Marketing Channels’ will be to offer them in reporting summaries, Profiles and through the User Query export tool.

You can read more on this here.

New Profile Filters – Last Participation Date and Last Opt-in Question Response Date

Last Participation Date

This filter will check that a supporter has “actively done something”. Examples include opening an email, signing a petition, or making a donation. We are excluding the following transaction types: MSC, MSU, SSC, SSU, FCR (subsequent), and RFD.

last participation data filter

Last Opt-in Question Response Date

This filter will check a supporters last response (either Y or N) date to a specific question(s).

last opt in filter

SMS Account Notifications

When you create account-level notifications you can set an email address and phone number for that user. At the current time, SMS notifications are only for the Spam/Fraud account alert.
SMS notification

Sequence Number added to Event Exports

In the transaction export, we’ve added Sequence Number to Campaign 22 in an ETA transaction row. 

Feature Requests


The Connecting with Congress (CWC) API has been updated to include the United States Senate. We are taking advantage of this update to the CWC API to increase our clients’ ability to reach US Senators. 

You can now edit what biographical information is displayed in the target block. This is accessed under a new target block setting “Customize contact details”. You can include target information such as party or reference data. For more information on this, click here.


An additional list-unsubscribe compliance header has been added to email headers. The feature is applied to avoid false-positive unsubscribe requests caused by anti-spam software, which can process every link in an email.

We’ve upgraded the CSS Inliner tool to be more robust.

Payment Gateways

We have added an account preference setting which means you can decide to not store a supporter’s bank account number and bank routing number. More information here.

Data Security

When appropriate, Engaging Networks Support may log into your account to help you with a query. We have improved the audit trail description for when this happens. For the “Account Login” event in your account logs, it will read something like “Marta (EN support) logged in as Joe Bloggs with IP Address”

Recurring Donations

Recurring CASH donations now save as FUR transactions, and store the Recurring Payment = Y. In addition, the start date is now stored in the transaction. There is more information on changes here

Manage Supporters

You can now use the Process Transaction gadget with the Whitelisting Domain feature. 


We are now including peer-to-peer donation submissions in checks against blocked IP addresses

The Supporter Hub

We’ve added a new gadget to the Supporter Hub that will allow your donors to see their giving history to your organization.

Marketing Automation

We now have an integration with Twillio Co-pilot for SMS message sending, that offers more options around increased volumes and available countries. If you’re interested in using this integration please reach out to the accounts team here.

Engaging Networks Services (ENS)

We made some modifications and expanded the options when using ENS

  • GET – can now return additional details on a transaction including if it is a single or recurring (and if it is the initial recurring or child recurring)
  • GET – Added a new type called “search” to the query service
  • GET – Added a new optional query parameter (query-param) called “filter” that will allow a user to pass in filters to the query
  • CRUD – You can now use Saved Import Formats

Payment Gateways

Moneris gateway donation pages submitted with French characters like Montréal or Québec were failing with an error “Malformed XML”.  This has been corrected


We are in the process of upgrading our connector to Salesforce. Below are the backend improvements completed to date:

    • Salesforce campaigns can be linked to Engaging Networks pages, email campaigns, and marketing automations
    • Transactions can be pushed from Engaging Networks to Salesforce
    • Transaction mapping can now be created and managed in Engaging Networks
    • We now maintain a dedicated field for an external system ID (CRM_ID)
    • CRM_ID is now exposed in exports and available for imports
    • Field mappings can be ‘pushOnly’ or ‘pullOnly’ if needed



Scheduling an ecard after a redirection from a donation page was not working. This has been fixed

Job monitor

Email sends were showing ‘jpg’ as their file type. This has been corrected to csv

Bulk Import API

The https://www.e-activist.com/ea-dataservice/import.jsp screen used for bulk imports via a web form has been cleaned up to remove deprecated fields


Private tokens could be created if the save button was not clicked. This is now fixed. 

Marketing Automation

  • Made language for EMA ‘New to Donor’ / ‘New to Activist’ clear
  • The time frame option for Marketing Automations was not working correctly when utilizing the SMS/Text sending options . This is now fixed.


  • The Advocacy Activity profile filter was including “UNS” transactions (created form email subscription management pages). These have been removed as the types of campaigns to be picked up by the filter.
  • When setting profile priority on page-builder pages, those priorities were saving but visually were not being reflected.. This has been fixed.


  • Deleted users were still showing permission groups. This has been fixed. 
  • The incorrect Support email address was shown in the password reset email. This has been updated.

Accessible Intelligence

We will be reporting on updates to the Accessible Intelligence module in our release notes going forward. The following updates will be applied as part of this release:

A.I – tweak Use Case page
A.I – Update Country filter to include list populated from DSR
A.I – Expose ‘Subset’ number if a filter is applied
A.I – Allow for Marketing Stream structure to be seen, prior to launch.
A.I. – Add ability to pause/activate/deactivate Marketing Stream
A.I. – Create weekly job to push cluster supporters to automation based on filters
A.I. – Update counts for running marketing stream
A.I. – Add entity type, cluster name, message order to msmessage csv file
A.I. – Download of record in a particular cluster (expose ‘Layer of who is in cluster’?)
A.I. – Remove constraint by name

Updated on April 22, 2020

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