SMS Keywording

In Marketing Tools you can now make use of SMS Keywords to interact with supporters!

Keywording in SMS

People can text a keyword to your shortcode number to trigger an action. Keywords are useful for people to send text to opt-in to your list or for sending an auto-reply with a link to a page where they can make a donation.

Regulatory Keywords

You can use keywords like STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, etc., for regulating your SMS messaging. These regulatory keywords enable supporters to opt out of receiving unwanted messages. These are managed in the Twilio Extension (requires Super Admin access).

Manage your Regulatory Keywords Regulatory Keywords in Twilio Extension

Keyword Campaigns

You can quickly create a keyword campaign to engage supporters in a giving or advocacy campaign:

From the Marketing Tools tab, click SMS Keywords, then click Create Keyword.

Enter a Keyword. Select Campaign Type (Sign Up or Auto Reply). Add a message with supporter data or page links.

The Signup SMS option

With the Signup option, you can select a page for a supporter to have taken action on and if desired, you can set an opt-in for them to be signed up for. You can also add instruct supporters to text back with another Keyword to further engage them. Then you can set up an Autoreply SMS message with a link that directs them to a donation/petition/Advocacy page, etc.

Signup Keyword type

The SMS Autoreply option

With the Autoreply option, you can set up a Keyword that supporters can text back to you that opts them into an opt-in or shows them as participating on an ETT, Survey or Petition. You can also share links that direct them to a page.


SMS Autoreply Keyword

Updated on March 12, 2024

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