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Release Notes November 2023

This release is scheduled to deploy on November 10, 2023 at 3pm ET.


Salesforce Connector

Following the introduction of the new Salesforce Connector package (1.32) in our September release, we are now introducing a couple of additional improvements to further aid Salesforce administrators in managing Contacts and duplicates.

  • On page processing, we will run a check if a supporter is using an email address that matches on primary or secondary fields in Engaging Networks.

  • When a contact is manually merged inside Salesforce, Engaging Networks can mimic the merge against the supporters.

    Note: Both of these functions are setting options and will only run if enabled.


  • Stripe gateway: When processing mobile wallets, address and phone data will now be pulled from the donor’s mobile wallet account and inserted into the fields. Note: the corresponding address and phone data fields need to be present on the same page as Mobile Wallet. Please note some example scenarios below:
    • If a supporter fills in details on the page, and then uses a digital wallet, Engaging Networks will prioritize the details entered by the supporter on the page.
    • If a supporter doesn’t fill in details on the page, but uses a digital wallet, Engaging Networks will fill in details using data from the user’s digital wallet.
    • If a supporter fills in details for only some of the fields and uses a digital wallet, Engaging Networks will prioritize the details entered by the supporter and fill in any blank fields with data from the user’s digital wallet.
    • If a supporter uses a digital wallet but the fields are hidden using a dependency, the fields would NOT be filled using data from the user’s digital wallet, and therefore the data would not be submitted to their supporter record. The gift would still process normally.
  • Stripe gateway, PDD processing (UK only): when processing initial PDD instruction, the mandate amount and payment start date are now included in the initial transaction data row.
  • Upsell Lightbox: Additional insert options have been implemented to enable inserting currency symbols alongside proposed and current amounts. Users can now choose between a 10 USD and a $10 format for all available currencies.


Stripe gateway: Additional checks have been implemented when processing page POSTing, to further prevent fraud attempts.

Page Builder

Quick reports in Page Builder have been updated to include unique supporters count to help with page reporting.


Due to branding changes that occurred at Twitter, we are changing the icons and text references from “Twitter” to “X”. These changes will take place in several areas including Page Builder, Email Templates, and Marketing Tools.


Symbolic Giving

There was an issue selecting locale, when editing Symbolic Gifts in Product Management. This has been resolved. 


  • Digital Wallets processing: Advanced redirects functionality has been improved to allow the use of ‘recurring gift’ and ‘in-memoriam gift’ conditions when processing digital wallets.
  • DAF processing (US only): An issue has been discovered processing custom amounts entered by the donor on the page, this has been fixed.
  • Upsell Lightbox: When selecting an alternative amount on an upsell lightbox, the ‘amount total’ merge tag used on the page didn’t refresh to reflect the new amount. This has been resolved.
Updated on January 8, 2024

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