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Release Notes November 2020

Release 3.60 was deployed on November 20, 2020 at 9pm ET. Code will freeze after the release date until the new year to ensure stability through year-end fundraising campaigns.

3.60 Release Notes Highlights Video

3.60 Release Notes Webinar Recording

Notable updates

Query builder

  • In the query builder, ‘is suppressed’ has been added as an additional filter
  • Additional operators have been added for use in ‘non-tagged’ type fields. These include number operators (between, greater than, less than) and date operators (before, after)


  • Relative / dynamic queries have been added to constituent data filters in Profiles. These include [after] [X] days, [during the last] [X] days, [during this date range] [X] date, [on this date] [X] date, [before this date] [X] date, [greater than] or [less than] [X] days.

Please note: ENS queries are currently limited to the last 32 days or less.

  • A new email activity filter has been added that can identify supporters who have [opened/clicked/converted] on [any email/newsletter email/advocacy email/fundraising email] in the last [X] days


  • Seed lists can now be added to include in the final email send and can be managed separately from existing test lists.

  • When scheduling an email, the Timezone now defaults to the one selected in the last email sent. This will replace defaulting to Pacific Time for every email regardless of the timezone previously used (i.e. unless PT was last used when scheduling).


  • Add to Calendar functionality has been added to the thank you email after a supporter registers for an event, using an .ics file. This will allow the supporter to use a single click to add to their calendar directly (i.e. for Google, Apple, or Outlook) or download the .ics file and add to another calendar type as needed.

Feature Requests

Email / Marketing Automation

  • Preview text is now included as a field in the campaign editor, settings, and campaign export. In order to display the ‘Preview text’, please be sure to include the {preview_text} tag inside the email’s HTML. You can find more detailed instructions here.
  • Test emails are now indicated as such within a subject line on send (and will display as ‘[TEST]: Subject line as written’).

Page Builder

  • Next Suggested Gift (NSG) now works alongside ask strings with both one-time and monthly options. If NSG is not recognized for a supporter (i.e. a new donor), the ask string will pull from the swap list specified for one-time / monthly gifts for the particular page.
  • Swap lists now also work alongside conditional content for profiles.

Supporter Lookup

  • Recurring card payments (FCR transactions) that have credit card information updated will now record a FRU transaction type. All fields will carry over from the original FCR to the FRU record.

Recurring card updates were previously recorded as a 0.0 value FCR and Campaign Data 11 was empty. With the update, 0.0 will be recorded on the FRU and Campaign Data 11 is now the Parent ID of the original series being updated. This applies specifically to recurring gifts updated with new credit card details.

Bug Fixes


  • When viewing an Email preview, a ‘false’ value was populating next to the email name. This has been fixed.

Supporter Lookup

  • On the Recurring Gadget, the card number and expiry updates were displaying for gateways that are not currently supporting these features. This has been updated to only display for the relevant gateways.


  • The incentive range for the premium gift block has been updated to be able to accept decimal values.

Other Notes & Reminders


Salesforce Connector


  • Legacy membership fields have now been removed and will no longer be displayed when mapping on import.

SCA Compliance

Contact Databases

  • There is a new postal code database available for U.S. clients that will return Mayors.
  • U.S. state legislature databases are being updated continuously as newly elected representatives are sworn in. All will be finished updating, along with Congress and Senate winners, by February 2021. 

Hotfix Updates

Hotfix 3.60.1 | November 27, 2020


  • In the Salesforce Connector v2, duplicate contact jobs were generating an invalid error for supporters with an apostrophe. This has been corrected.

Hotfix 3.60.2 | December 4, 2020


  • In the constituent data profile filter, the ‘Is a number between’ option was not recognizing decimal values. This has now been fixed. Entries represented as ABC, . , , or whitespace will be treated as null, with no result.

Query Builder

  • The ‘greater than’ parameter for donation pages in query builder was not returning any data in the transaction format when applying to formatted values (i.e. non-whole numbers). This was not impacting user data or hybrid formats. This has now been corrected.

Hotfix 3.60.3 | December 15, 2020

Digital Wallets

  • Stripe Apple Pay and Google Pay transactions were appearing to process successfully on pages but not displaying under the Stripe dashboard. This was not impacting PayPal One Touch transactions in the digital wallet component. The bug has now been resolved.
Updated on February 8, 2021

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