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Release Notes May 2024

Release is scheduled to deploy on May 17, 2024 at 3pm ET. 

These are beta release notes and subject to change.

Notable Updates

Email Classic access

  • The top level navigation access for Email Classic has now been removed. Please note email classic can still be accessed via the Marketing Tools drop-down.

VGS Tokenization

  • Test credit cards can now be used in ENS API when the chosen gateway is in test mode, and with the standard non-payment endpoints:
    • https://ca.engagingnetworks.app
    • https://us.engagingnetworks.app
  • The payment type field is now disabled under supporter lookup, as it will be auto-populated based on the credit card entered by user.

For more details, please visit this page about VGS tokenization.

Marketing Tools – free and flexible email templates

We continue to improve our sample template and sample blocks to address client needs and facilitate migration to the Marketing Tools.


  • Body text block – fixed padding issue seen on some iPhones.
  • Two column layouts – fixed issue affecting some versions of Outlook on Mac (eg Outlook Office 365 macOS 12).
  • Image size now maintained when larger images are uploaded.
  • Buttons no longer use VML, which was causing duplication issues when emails were forwarded from Outlook.
  • Full width banner logos can now be added.
  • Improvement: Image block with optional caption.

New sample blocks

  • New sample block for signature photo and text.
  • New sample block for displaying a progress bar. Note: the progress is not displayed dynamically.


Gateways – Stripe

  • Added a new Stripe webhook event to better handle ACH disputes and keep the transaction status up-to-date.
  • Additional metadata will be passed to the Stripe gateway to reflect values submitted into tagged transactional data fields : tax deductible, other 1-4 and appeal code.


  • Annual Receipt emails will now be signed with whatever the “From” address of the email is for DKIM.

Marketing Tools

  • We have added an additional confirmation overlay when sending a new broadcast or changing a schedule of an existing one.


Marketing Tools

  • There was an issue with the correct display of replacement sections when using ‘select’ type replacements in Marketing tools templates. This has been fixed.
  • Marketing tools reporting has been updated to show correct subject lines for conditional and split test messages.
  • There was an issue creating custom URL parameters in Marketing Tools under certain conditions. This has been fixed.
  • It wasn’t possible to add an email sender before authenticating a domain. This has been fixed.

Email Classic

  • Source button is now available again for legacy template based emails.


  • There was an issue with FCR transactions not showing correctly in ENS export. This has been fixed.
Updated on May 17, 2024

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