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Release Notes June 2021

Release 3.63 deployed on June 11, 2021 at 9pm ET.

Release 3.63 Highlights

Release 3.6.3 Webinar

Notable updates

Recurring Events

Through the Events Module, recurring events will now be available to create, with flexibility to repeat on a specific day for weekly or monthly scheduling. There is also the ability to end the event after a certain number of occurrences or based on a certain date, as well as modify individual occurrences.

See more details on creating and managing recurring events here.

Manage Occurrences

Event Reminders

In the Event page Auto-responders, there is now an option to include Reminder emails. This may be scheduled to a specified number of days in advance of the event time.

Event Reminder Autoresponder

Supporter Lookup: Moving Sustainer Records and Householding Same Supporters

Through the Supporter Lookup, admins may move a sustaining gift to another contact record using the Recurring Gift gadget. This will also generate an audit log of who executed the change and reflect on the transactional export.

Admins may also household supporters with different email addresses using ‘Same Person’ as the relationship to link records without merging.

Improvements and Alerts

Profiles for Conditional Content

The profile limit available to use with conditional content through pages has been increased from 10 to 20 total profiles.

Email Templates: Repeatable Blocks

In editing email templates, repeatable blocks can now be dragged in editing for more flexible design. 

ROI Supporter Hub Gadget

The Revolution Online Supporter Hub Gadget, available through the Extensions Manager, has been updated to allow supporters to increase their monthly pledges from their current amount.

Premium Donation Pages: Recurring Gift Receipts

Receipts are no longer available to attach for recurring gift auto-responders through Premium Donation pages.

Payment Gateways – Moneris

For the Moneris Gateway, the number and address will now be extrapolated separately and thereby allow address verification services or script formatters to be used on pages without impacting data storage.

Manage Supporters: Transaction Gadget

The Transaction Gadget has been updated to populate supporter details when using an external pre-population key (i.e. in connecting with another email provider).

Other Notes and Reminders

Bulk SMS Feedback

In the Email dropdown, a new tab to Send Bulk SMS includes a survey to submit if you’re interested in future text options through Engaging Networks (for release later in 2021) and want to share your input in its design.

Current SMS capabilities are available through Marketing Automation.

Bug Fixes

Tweet to Target

Tweet to Target links were appending an extra character of @ in the URL. This has been corrected. 

Email Inserts – Twitter

The insert social share options in broadcast emails was incorrectly pulling Twitter URLs. This has been corrected.

Email to Target

Email to Target custom database templates were not downloading properly via certain Chrome browser settings. This has been resolved.

Additionally, when duplicating an ETT or Tweet-To-Target page and then updating the target settings, the page would sometimes result in a ‘contact not found’ error depending on filter settings. This has been fixed.


Using the ‘X’ deletion button was not successfully removing a product from the cart. This has been fixed.

Events – Split Receipting

The split receipting functionality for Event tickets was not correctly calculating the Fair Market Value for group tickets. This has been resolved.

Events – CAPTCHA

Location based high-risk CAPTCHA previously displayed for all supporters on Event pages, regardless of location. This has now been updated. 


Hotfix 3.63.1 deployed on June 16, 2021 at 9pm ET to resolve the following items.

  • Page Builder / Locales: Question response values were not storing per locale.
  • Stripe Gateway: The Payment Intents code will be updated to only pass phone number when a value is collected.
  • Supporter Lookup: When moving a recurring gift to another supporter, the updated email was not reflected in the transactional API export.
  • Email:
    • Google Analytics settings were not saving on campaigns.
    • Profiles were not saving on conditional content emails.
Updated on June 17, 2021

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