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Release Notes June 26, 2020

Version 3.58.0

Release Highlights Video

Release Deep Dive Webinar

Notable Updates

Updated Visual Reporting

We’ve fully updated the Visual Reporting tool for easier visibility and analysis of all of your data. This update includes expanded functionality, the ability to filter reports, and additional reporting types. 

In the updated view, you’ll see trends over time as it relates to each aspect of your account, such as new records, opt-ins, average gift size, and donor retention. This also includes dynamic ranking of top pages and origin sources, along with email domain spread and email engagement by device type.

We will have a walk-through of the new tools available on-demand for all clients. This new framework provides a new way of representing information in Engaging Networks, with more reports being added in the following releases.

Increase jobs that can be run by a client concurrently

All clients can now have up to four (4) jobs running at once at any given time (up from two previously). Two (2) job slots are dedicated solely to sending email campaigns, and the other two (2) are used for all other types of jobs (exports, imports, etc.). As before, additional jobs beyond this limit will be delayed until the previous job is complete.

Email to Target Search update

You can now search custom Email-to-Target contacts by their email address.

Advanced Action Redirects / Smart Redirects

Clients can now conditionally trigger a specific redirect based on the transaction or constituent data submitted. For example, a gift made above a certain threshold may redirect to a specific page in Engaging Networks or an external URL.

These new types of redirects occur after the page has processed:

  • Supporter New
  • Supporter Values (country, etc)
  • Donation data fields below:
    • ‘Donation Amount’ equal to, less than, greater than
    • ‘Is Recurring’ = Y  / N
    • ‘In Memoriam’ = Y / N
    • ‘Other1’, ‘Other2’, ‘Other3’, ‘Other4’

SMS notifications

Under ‘User Settings’, individual users can add their mobile number in E.164 format (eg. +12027531854). Adding a phone number and ticking the checkbox for Spam/Fraud will allow the user to receive SMS notifications of Spam/Fraud alerts in your account.

New Salesforce Connector

A new version of the Salesforce integration will soon be available to offer simpler implementation and management, without losing flexibility of customization options. 

Key features include:

  • Designed for NPSP and customizable for other Salesforce editions
  • Intuitive console directly in Engaging Networks to manage settings
  • Out-of-the-box mapping rules, reducing need for custom coding
  • Flexible options for two-way or one-way sync as needed to map contacts, opportunities, and custom fields

Current clients using the preexisting Salesforce Connector do not need to upgrade or take further action at this time. Technical documentation and additional details will be updated here.

Feature Requests


  • From the Manage Supporter tool, you can resend an event purchaser their ticket via the Events Gadget
  • If you’re using the Stripe or Payflow Pro gateway, you can now issue partial refunds for Event tickets via the Events Gadget.


  • The pre-mailer CSS inliner has been upgraded to the latest version
  • For reporting purposes, we will start tracking devices via the open pixel.
  • For trackable links, the URL structure has been modified to reduce url length and to track change view in browser URLs starting with this release.


  • Email-to-target : Custom Envelope Sender setting
    By default, when a supporter sends an email to a target in an email-to-target action, the message will appear to come from the supporter. With the advance of DMARC, certain providers restrict the delivery using this method. To improve delivery, you can now enable a custom envelope which will instead be used as the sender of emails to the target. 


  • In the email quick report screen, the associated job number will now be shown.

Payment Gateways

  • IATS: The ‘Invoice’ column within iATS reporting will now display ‘Recurring credit card payment’  for all recurring gifts to help with reconciliation.
  • IATS: You can now issue full and partial refunds directly from the Manage Supporter tool.
  • Stripe & Payflow: You can now issue partial refunds via the Manage Supporter tool.
  • Paysafe: We’ve updated our integration with Paysafe to allow for more currencies (like Vietnamese đồng (VND)).

Manage Supporters

  • We have made the ‘Manage Supporters’ Refund of Recurring Transactions clearer for users.

Marketing Automation 

  • We’ve optimized how Email and SMS messages are sent in the Marketing Automation tool. 
  • We’ve added details to the Manage Supporter tool to indicate when a supporter enters and then exits a marketing automation. 
  • The language for the “Email Sent Condition” has been updated to be clearer. 


  • We’ve updated the Domain Authentication tool (under Email —> Email Settings) so that additional characters in strings will validate correctly.
  • A new Tagged Field has been created called “CRM_ID”. This field has a uniqueness constraint that prevents the same value from being used in more than one record.
  • Delete supporters – the colours of the dialog box made the text difficult to read. This has been updated
  • We’ve added ‘id’ and ‘for’ attributes for radio buttons, radio buttons with inputs, and checkboxes in the Supporter Hub

Accessible Intelligence (A.I.)

  • Messages in Edit, Pending, and Approved can now be downloaded.
  • Messages that cannot be approved by the A.I. will now have feedback attached.

Bug Fixes

Payment Gateway

  • WorldPay: There was a discrepancy in the submitted amount and the visual amount when a supporter entered in a “.” in an unexpected location. We’ve added additional validation to prevent this error from being submitted.
  • Stripe Gateway: Error messages for CVV and Card Expiry errors were not properly mapped. This has been fixed.


  • When supporters deleted and then added a recipient, sometimes the email was not sent to everyone on the list. This is now fixed.
  • Localized E-cards were being sent in the default Locale instead of the Localized variant. This has been fixed.

User Preferences

  • Blank phone numbers are now allowed under User Preferences —> Notifications.
  • The reset password screen was showing the wrong support email. This has been corrected.
  • All notification alerts were being sent to recipients regardless of selections. This has been fixed.


  • Adding an invalid test recipient email address was sometimes freezing the screen. This has been fixed.


  • When editing Product variants some of the product options became unavailable, this has been fixed.


  • Uploading a custom Email-to-target database did not insert the salutation field. This is now fixed

Hotfix Updates

Hotfix 3.58.1 | Released June 29, 2020


  • Email tracking links with spaces were prompting an internal sever error. This has been resolved.
  • Email Engagement Scores 0 and 11 were not calculating correctly. Email sends were temporarily paused during an hour period on June 29, 2020 in which the issue was investigated and resolved. All impacted clients were notified at the time of the investigation and following restoration of service.

Hotfix 3.58.2 | Released July 2, 2020


  • Legacy donation reports were failing to process. This has been resolved.

Hotfix 3.58.3 | Released July 13, 2020


  • The ability to ‘Add processing rule’ when using multiple messages in Email-to-Target was failing. This has been corrected.

Manage Supporters

  • The ability to refund one-click donations has been added for all payment gateways previously available to issue refunds directly through the platform.

Hotfix 3.58.4 | Released July 28, 2020

Salesforce Connector

  • Checkbox fields were not populating in the EN Salesforce Connector 2.0 wizard under contact mapping as options. These are now available to map.


  • Imported memberships were not expanding in the supporter gadget when clicking for more detail. This has been resolved.
  • ‘Region’ field value was missing from MMR transactions despite being passed on the page. This has been fixed.
Updated on September 17, 2020

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