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Release Notes February 2021

Release 3.61 deployed on February 19, 2021 at 9pm ET.

Release Highlights Video

Release Webinar

Notable updates

Extensions Manager

Under your Account Settings, you’ll find a new home for available integrations with your Engaging Networks Account. These account level integrations and page extensions will vary depending on requirements to enable, and more details are available in selecting each integration option.

Extensions Manager

Additional integrations are also possible through custom code and via API. Please contact the Support team with any questions on enabling a particular integration in your account, and find additional details here.

Zoom Integration

As part of the new Extensions Manager, you will now be able to connect a Zoom account to sync Zoom Webinars with Engaging Networks Event pages. In connecting a particular webinar to an event page, you’ll be able to automatically push the first and last name and email address of registrants to Zoom and collect back the ‘attendee’ status in your Events reporting. 

Zoom Integration

Full details on setting up and managing the integration are available here.

Improvements and Alerts

Payment Gateways

  • Stripe Gateway

    • Stripe Digital Wallets
      • When using Stripe digital wallets for Apple Pay and Google Pay, the email field will now be required on the form. Due to improvements in processing, the email field will no longer be passed from the digital wallet and should be collected on form prior to displaying digital wallet buttons.
      • Stripe Apple Pay and Google Pay will now allow recurring donations to be accepted.
      • Google Pay transactions will now allow partial refunds for donation, event, and e-commerce pages.
    • A pending log has been created and will record as soon as a payment is initiated in order to improve data synchronization. The log will be updated to ‘success’ or ‘reject’ accordingly.

When using Stripe with 3D Secure ticked, a transaction could previously be created in Stripe but not visible in Engaging Networks when the last submission to process the page is not successful. The Stripe log introduced in this release now reflects the pending status as applicable.

    • ‘engagingnetworks’ and the respective Page ID will now be passed along the transaction using Stripe’s metadata service.
  • Vantiv Gateway

    • Partial refunds are now available through Vantiv. This is in addition to the same partial refund functionality available through Stripe, iATS, and Payflow.

Page Builder

  • A new field validator “Restricted Alphanumeric (25 chars)” has been added to help stop spam attempts that include URLs


  • In Visual Reports, a new gateway report is available to show transaction summaries and pages by each gateway enabled on an account.


  • ETT: Due to the new Senate Communicating with Congress (SCWC) API, all Email-to-Target (ETT) actions to U.S. Senators will be required to include the TITLE field and one of the following case sensitive values — Mr.; Mrs.; Miss; Ms.; Dr. If an ETT action is created without a value for the title field, a generic value will be passed in order to submit the page. This generic value will NOT write to the supporter record.
  • U.S. Databases: The U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate were updated on January 3, 2021. And, as of January 19, 2021, all State Legislative databases, besides New Mexico, have been updated as these legislators have been sworn in. On January 20, 2021, at 12:00 PM ET, we also updated the “presidential target” custom target from Donald Trump to Joseph Biden.

ENS Calls

  • A new configurable option to force a page processing endpoint to respect the IP address in scope is available to strengthen security. Those who wish to remove the ability to utilize ajax and/or tie the page processing to a single server, this will allow that via the API User layer.
  • The ability to process Event pages via ENS has been added

Accounts Hub

  • The previously named Master Dashboard, which allows management of sub-accounts within Engaging Networks, has been updated to the Accounts Hub.


  • Two additional attendee fields, Custom 5 and Custom 6, have been added to the Attendee block
  • The event discount code limit has been increased to 30


  • If the Salesforce Connector is enabled, Contact ID has now been exposed to export in its own ‘Contact ID’ column.


  • To improve page load times, pages that need to be cleared and cached will form a queue to do so every few minutes. As a result, changes made to shared components may have a slight delay in taking effect. When the component is shared across fewer pages, there will typically be less lag time (i.e. 2-3 minutes if shared across < 50 pages; up to 20 minutes estimated if shared across hundreds of pages).

Bug Fixes

Payment Gateways

  • Stripe Gateway:
    • An error in redirecting CASH payment types to the gateway has been resolved. CASH payment selection through Stripe will now process directly.
    • Captcha will now be checked prior to page submission when processing with Stripe, and prevent submissions without captcha validation.


  • When adding a supporter field rule to a custom notification in page settings, the fields were duplicated. This has now been resolved.


  • When uploading an image, the ‘overwrite existing field’ checkbox was not respected. This has been fixed.


Accessible Intelligence

A new dashboard has launched for Engaging Networks’ machine learning sister company. The redesigned platform displays easily digestible performance data, allows in-app editing of content, and offers a notification system to alert of content approvals and updates due.

To learn more about Accessible Intelligence, sign up for details here.

Hotfix 3.61.1 | March 18, 2021

Zoom Integration

  • The Zoom app integration was updated to allow encryption of tokens, according to Zoom Marketplace guidelines.

Stripe Gateway

  • Credit card transactions processed through the Stripe gateway were producing errors when the CVV started with a 0. This has now been resolved.


Updated on March 19, 2021

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