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Release Notes April 2021

Release 3.62 was deployed on April 9, 2021 at 9pm ET.

3.62 Release Highlights

3.62 Release Overview Webinar

Notable updates

Double the Donation Integration

Engaging Networks will now integrate directly with Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro, to automate more matching gift revenue for your organization. This integration will be available to enable via the Extensions Manager and available to add on donation and premium donation pages as a draggable widget.

Please see more details on the integration here, and please get in touch with the Double the Donation team here to learn more if not yet signed up. There will also be a webinar hosted by the Double the Donation team on May 11: Register here to sign up!

Processing ‘Fee Cover’ Option

On donation pages, admins will be able to add a processing fee cover checkbox on any fundraising or event with payment page type. This option will allow the donor to choose whether or not to also cover the processing fee associated with the donation. 

Admins will have the ability to customize the ‘Fee Cover’ form field on each page desired, with setting the fee amount as a fixed fee and/or percentage, modifying associated text, and setting as unchecked or pre-checked. The data related to fee coverage will also be available via visual and quick reports for Fundraising, as well as Fundraising data summary reports.

Split Receipting in Events

In the Events module, tickets may now be created to allow split receipting in order to properly indicate the fair market value of the associated ticket and issue a tax receipt according to the eligible donation amount. Please see additional details here in setting up split receipts.

Okta Integration for Accounts

In addition to the existing Okta integration to use with the Supporter Hub, Engaging Networks admins and Accounts Hub users may also now take advantage of an Okta Single Sign On option to secure associated account access. Find out more details here on setting up your Okta integration.

The ROI Supporter Hub integration is available in Beta Mode through the Extensions Manager and currently limited in testing. Please contact the ROI team if interested in getting started.

Improvements and Alerts

Payment Gateways

Associated Pages are now available to drill down through Gateway settings, including a search bar when selecting a specific gateway to allow specific associated pages to be more readily located.

Admin Settings

For greater security, a password strength check now runs when a super-admin adds or updates a user in an account. The minimum criteria include at least 6 characters, at least 1 Capital, and at least 1 number.

Extensions Manager

Permission options now allow super-admins to specify account user abilities to manage extensions at the page level,  the account to view, modify, and delete, including for Zoom and Double the Donation.

By default, admins now also have access to view the Extensions Manager under Account Settings and manage available integrations.

Page Builder

In autoresponders, question data can now be inserted into the thank you email.

‘Credit card holder name’ is also now available to use in the ‘Insert Donation Data’ merge options in receipts.


Under the Question Response filter for Profiles, ‘is null’ and ‘is not null’ options have been added.

Email Builder

The UI of email query builder previews was updated to allow for greater readability. 

Salesforce Connector

On the contact push, null values are no longer pushed by default.

The size of the batch results column has also been increased.

Search and filter options have been added to Push Logs view.

Email Builder

The UI of email query builder previews was updated to allow for greater readability. 

Supporter Hub

Supporter Hub content can now be customized using Conditional Content for Profiles, and may be used similarly to conditional content available in Page Builder.


Users can now customize the subject line and sender associated with eCard delivery through the E-commerce module. This is recommended to ensure optimal email deliverability.

The Zoom app integration released in 3.61 is now available on the Zoom Marketplace and available to use on your account. Please learn more on setting up your integration here.

Annual Receipts

On generation of the PDF receipts, the contents are compressed. The download limit has been increased so that a large file can be downloaded directly via the Jobs Monitor.


Version 4.2 of the Peer-to-Peer module will include Stripe 3DS2 compliance, the ability for returning fundraisers to view past donation reports, and more. Please see all updates here.

The Peer-to-Peer version update will deploy separately from Engaging Networks Release 3.62. Stay tuned to the Peer-to-Peer release notes for more updates on release timing.

Bug Fixes

Payment Gateways

Stripe and PayPal: When using both Stripe 3DS2 and PayPal on a single page, and a hidden card field contains numbers, the page would not redirect to PayPal (i.e. if the supporter begins to enter credit card details but then selects PayPal). This has been resolved.


The product page’s URL used by search engines and social media when sharing was pointing to the base page instead of the specific product. This has been fixed.

If a supporter had items in a particular order and updated the cart quantity to zero, the appropriate error was not thrown. This has been resolved.

User Query

When re-editing a saved query and following the UI to a transactional format, participation date was not being respected. This has been resolved.

Email to Target

When adding a processing rule: “if the database returns the value” in an Email to Target redirect, it was not visually retaining the chosen value correctly. This has been resolved.

One-Click Donations

For one-click donations, the {receipt_data~createdOn~[yyyy-MM-dd]} insert did not populate in the thank you email autoresponder. This has been resolved.

Donation amount and payment type did not populate in the default page notification email for one-click donations. This has also been updated.

Hotfix Updates

Hotfix 3.62.1 | April 12, 2021

Double the Donation

  • The SSL certificate for doublethedonation.com was not validating on some of the Toronto servers, causing issue with some enabling their credentials. This has now been resolved.

Account Settings

  • New API users were temporarily not saving when added to account settings. This has now been fixed.

Hotfix 3.62.2 | April 23, 2021


  • Posting via API was triggering default auto-responders instead of custom auto-responders. This has now been resolved.

PayPal OneTouch

  • Additional payment options were displaying in addition to PayPal OneTouch, such as SOFORT. PayPal OneTouch will now only display its relevant button.


  • In editing thank you emails from Components, changes were unable to be retained. This has been fixed.


  • The unsubscribe link insert was not allowing the manage subscription page type to be added. This has been resolved.
  • Static links were also not available to be added when inserting into a live static page. This has been fixed and are able to be added.
  • New broadcast email senders were not available to add in some cases. This has been resolved.

Hotfix 3.62.3 | April 30, 2021

Stripe Gateway

  • Using credit card payments for the Stripe Gateway, CVV values starting with a 0 were not processing. This has been resolved.
Updated on May 3, 2021

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