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Regulations.gov Extension

Regulations.gov extension for Email to Target Campaigns

If you have a registered API key from regulations.gov, you can easily connect to that platform by using Engaging Networks extensions. This means you will have access to those dockets on your Engaging Networks account. Once successfully connected to regulations.gov, you will be able to allow supporters to directly submit comments to selected dockets with an Email to Target page.

How to obtain an API Key from regulations.gov

Navigate to https://open.gsa.gov/api/regulationsgov/  and fill the required fields in the form which are only First Name, Last Name and Email.

Regulations API token

After you submit your form, you will receive an email containing your API Key, so you can use it on regulations.gov extension. 

In order to enable commenting, contact the Regulations.gov Help desk and provide the first 5 digits of your API key, organization name, organization full address, organization phone number, tax ID and the email address used to sign up for the key. You will be notified when your API key is ready for posting comments. In order to activate your API key, these data elements are required to run an entity validation search.

Adding the Extension to Engaging Networks

You can navigate to regulations.gov extension by following these steps: Hello > Account settings > Extensions

Regulations Extension

When you click the regulations.gov extension, you will be asked to submit your API key. Just copy and paste your API key on the screen as shown below and enable the extension.

Regulation API Key

Targeting a Docket with ETT page

Once the extension is enabled in your account, it will be available in the Target Settings for Email to Target Pages and you can search for the relevant docket by ID.

Regulations target settings
Docket ID search
Updated on June 29, 2023

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