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Receipt Data Tags

Page-builder allows you to insert dynamic tags into Text Blocks, autoresponder thank you emails, and receipts and will pull in relevant value from that page.

What tags are available?

Tag Value Inserted
{receipt_data~id} Receipt number
{receipt_data~orderId} Order ID
{receipt_data~campaignId} Campaign ID
{receipt_data~campaignerId} Supporter/   Campaigner ID
{receipt_data~txId} Transaction ID
{receipt_data~type} Transaction   Status
{receipt_data~currency} Currency
{receipt_data~taxDeductible} Tax Deductible
{receipt_data~gateway} Gateway
{receipt_data~pledgeAmount~[en]} Pledge Amount
{receipt_data~createdOn~[yyyy-MM-dd]} Donation date
{receipt_data~issuedOn~[yyyy-MM-dd]} Issue date
{receipt_data~amount~[en]} Amount
{receipt_data~referrerId} Referer ID
{receipt_data~directGift} Direct Gift
{receipt_data~paymentType} Payment type
{receipt_data~expiry} Expiry
{receipt_data~ccLastFour} Last 4 CC
{receipt_data~recurringFrequency} Frequency
{receipt_data~recurringDay} Recurring Day
{receipt_data~recurringStatus} Recurring   Status
{receipt_data~recurringStartDate~[yyyy-MM-dd]} Recurring   Start Date
{receipt_data~inMemrecognizeGift} In memoriam
{receipt_data~inMemtributeOptions} Tribute   Options
{receipt_data~inMemgiftReason} Gift Reason
{receipt_data~inMemhonoreeName} Honoree Name
{receipt_data~inMeminformName} Inform Name
{receipt_data~inMeminformEmail} Inform email
{receipt_data~inMeminformAdd1} Inform Address   1
{receipt_data~inMeminformAdd2} Inform Address   2
{receipt_data~inMeminformCity} Inform City
{receipt_data~inMeminformPostcode} Inform City
{receipt_data~inMeminformCountry} Inform Country
{receipt_data~inMeminformRegion} Inform Region
{receipt_data~bankAccountNumber} Account number
{receipt_data~other1} Other 1
{receipt_data~other2} Other 2
{receipt_data~other3} Other 3
{receipt_data~other4} Other 4
Updated on October 5, 2020

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