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SMS sending – phone numbers

Format supporters’ mobile phone numbers in a dedicated tagged field

Supporters’ mobile numbers should be stored in the tagged field called SECOND PHONE NUMBER in your Account Data Structure. Twilio handles mobile number verification for delivery, including filtering out landlines and inactive numbers.

Mobile number format

Make sure all mobile phone numbers are in E.164 format.  For example: +14155552671(US) or +442071838750 (UK)

To add a tagged SECOND PHONE NUMBER field, follow the steps below:

1) Go to Account Settings, in the Hello menu.

2) Go to Account Data Structure.

3) Check whether you have mapped the “Second Phone Number” field.  if you have mapped it, but it is not mapped to the supporter’s mobile number, you should update this mapping.

4) If you have not yet mapped the “Second Phone Number” field, click “Add Field” and give it a name (such as “Mobile Phone Number”) and map it to “Second Phone Number”

To add a Validator for SMS formatted numbers:
You can add that as a validator under Pages > Alerts & Validators > Validators > Add Validator:
Regex Expression: ^\+[1-9]\d{1,14}$

Add SMS Validator

Add Validator to SMS phone field

Updated on February 9, 2024

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