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Page-builder allows you to insert dynamic tags into Text Blocks, your HTML template or JavaScript that will pull in relevant value from that page. This can be useful for SEO, Meta Data, and so on. The tags can display information such as the page notes that are configured in the admin settings.

For example if you wanted to change the “Title” of your html template for each page using it, you could insert this into your HTML code:


What tags are available?

Tag Value Inserted
The name configured in the page admin settings
The public title configured in the page admin settings
Additional notes configured in the page admin settings
The pagination of a form
The title of the event
The description of the event
Custom reference field 1 value
Custom reference field 2 value
Custom reference field 3 value
Custom reference field 4 value
Custom reference field 5 value

The current page session


The current year – dynamic year tag

Where can I use page tags?

In a text block

You can type these directly into a text block and they will display the tag’s data on page load.

In the HTML template

You can use page tags as “variables” in your HTML templates. A common use is between the title tags:


In JavaScript

You can use JavaScript to get these tags and assign them to variables, for example:

  var pageName = "${page~name}";
  console.log (pageName);
Updated on April 11, 2023

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