Image blocks

Image blocks are used to add a single image to your page. You can load one directly from your image library, paste in the URL from en external source, or upload a new image. Text blocks can also contain images, but image blocks can only contain a single image.

Creating image blocks

To create a new image block, drag in an image block from the toolbar.

For an image block you will have three options. Paste in the URL of the image from an external source, browse your image library for an existing image, or upload a new one to use for the image block.

If you browse the library, but cannot find the image you are looking for, it is also possible to upload images directly from within the library. Note that images may be organised into folders.

You have the following options to format an image inserted as an image block.

Option Description
Width Sets the width of the image. This can be set in pixels, ems, or as a percentage.
Height Sets the height of the image. This can be set in pixels, ems, or as a percentage.
Class Set the CSS class for the image. We use “pageImage” by default, but you can change this to match your custom CSS if necessary.
Alternative text This is the text that is displayed if your image cannot be loaded or if a screen reader is reading the page allowed.
Alignment Align the image to the left or right of its containing HTML element.
HSpace This is the space around the image to the left and right and is measured in pixels.
VSpace This is the space above and below the image and is measured in pixels.
Border Add a border to your image measured in pixels.

Ratio lock/unlock

Use this to lock/unlock the aspect ratio of the image so you can safely set your width and have the height automatically adjust to the new size.

Reset size

Reset the size of the image to its original size that is stored in your library.

Even though these options are given you can also control the way the image appears on the page using CSS.

For more information on units of measurement used in CSS click here.

If you wish for an image to have a consistent full-width ratio for different screen widths, set width as 100% and height as “auto”.

To save your image block, click “Save”.

Updated on December 20, 2021

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