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Marketing Automation Recurring Transaction Activity

When setting up a marketing automation to look at Recurring Transaction Activity, you are looking at the outcome of the processing of recurring card payments managed by Engaging Networks. Typically, a recurring payment will have been set up with a start date and a ‘frequency’ (how often donations are repeated). The schedule can be set up to take a regular donation monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annually, which means that there can be substantial time between each time a payment is taken.

Recurring Transaction Activity

Recurring Transaction Activity graphic

As payments are processed, they can of course be successful or unsuccessful, depending on whether the token we hold for that recurring schedule for the supporter is still valid or not. When a token is rejected, it could be due to a card having expired, a card being cancelled etc. If you would like to notify your supporters when either of these conditions occur, you can set up an automation. When transactions are successful, you can also remind your supporter that a payment has been taken again.

Choosing your audience

The Recurring Transaction Activity automation allows to you send a series of messages, so start by clearly naming the automation in Settings before selecting which supporters you would like to target. After you have chosen whether the automation will target supporters after a gift was successfully or unsuccessfully processed, remember to also select an Opt-in question under ‘Who belong to the following subscription lists. If you want, you can also be more specific by adding filters (Filter the list based on these criteria:), for example to narrow the affected supporters down to donors who entered through particular pages, or who are from a particular country, etc.

Select which supporters this automation applies to

Note that when building the email messages the facilities to insert details into the message is limited, as there is no access to transactional donation data available for use – so keep the message generic and to the point. However, you may of course provide links to Hub pages where the supporter may manage their recurring donation themselves, or provide links to your current ongoing actions.

For more information on how to choose entry criteria for your automations, and how to use the filters, please see this article which covers this in more detail.

When dealing with recurring transactions, there is also a separate automation that can be set up for Card Expiry.

Card Expiry

Card Expiry graphic

This type of automation can provide a notice ahead of time to of card expiry when a supporter has set up a recurring card payment, so your supporter has time to update their card details should they want to, or set up a new donation with you on a different card. Again, linking to a Hub page in this case can be a good idea. You could also link to a donation page where the supporter can set up a new payment schedule.

When are supporters removed from the automation?

The card expiry automation has an objective of  ‘card updated’. Once the expired card has been updated with a new expiry, the supporter will exit the automation.

Updated on July 12, 2021

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