Salesforce connector (Legacy – Version 1)

This document describes the legacy version (Version 1 ) of the Salesforce connector. It is no longer supported. There is a new version (Version 2) that is easier to set up and manage and will be subject to further development over time.

A customisable Salesforce plug-in that will allow you to send data back and forth between Engaging Networks and your Salesforce instance. For more detailed and technical information for integrating Engaging Networks and Salesforce visit our separate support site here:

How does it work?

You can install the connector into your Salesforce instance as a package, then configure it to your needs. It is built using all native components, which means it looks and works just like it’s a part of Salesforce.

Complete data integration

All of your supporter activity in Engaging Networks can be automatically pulled back into Salesforce: email response, donations, advocacy actions, memberships, event registration, email signups, etc. We also have built in our ‘External CRM Segment’ technology so that campaign members on a campaign, can be pushed to Engaging Networks as supporters. Here is a visual representation of what happens:

How do you use it?

Log in to Salesforce and access the user interface tab. You’ll be able to map Engaging Networks supporter and transaction data to Salesforce objects and fields.

You can define import and export filters to control what data goes where. Then use Salesforce’s inbuilt scheduler to choose when the synchronisation should happen, according to your desired frequency.

What can you achieve with it?

Some examples are:

  • Import newly signed up Engaging Networks supporters into Salesforce as leads or account/contacts
  • Bring email-to-target campaign actions or survey responses into Salesforce as activities or to your own custom object
  • Save online donations as Salesforce Opportunities (or via Recurring Donations in NPSP)
  • Record clicks on email links as activities or to your own defined custom object
  • Segment your campaigns in Salesforce and synch as Engaging Networks campaign or donation pages
  • Send associated campaign members in Salesforce to Engaging Networks as external segments for your broadcast email

Release Notes.

You can view the latest release notes for the Salesforce Connector here.


Current package


Archived packages











Updated on October 12, 2022

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