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Lookup Supporter Gadgets – Ecommerce

The Lookup Supporter’s “Ecommerce” gadget displays a list of the supporter’s Ecommerce orders.

The three-letter code denotes the type of transaction which is FCS for Ecommerce transactions (standing for Fundraising Credit/Debit Single).

See more about transaction types here.

Ecommerce Details

If you click on one of the Ecommerce rows, you will be shown more information on the purchase:

Order Information

  • Item– the name of the product
  • Discount Code– if a discount code has been applied
  • Quantity– how many items sold
  • Price– Cost of item with currency
  • Additional Donation – if an additional donation has been added
  • Total– cost of all items and donations

Delivered Items

  • Name: supporter’s name
  • Item: the name of the product
  • Type: how the item is delivered

Transaction Information

  • Transaction ID: the unique ID given to the transaction by the gateway
  • Date: date of the transaction
  • Amount: total cost
  • Gateway: which gateway you are using
  • Expiry: of the credit/debit card
Updated on May 29, 2019

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