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Engaging Networks pages and JavaScript

It’s great that you can add JavaScript to all your Engaging Networks pages. It means that your forms can behave in almost unlimited ways and workarounds can be implemented if functionality is not directly possible in the Engaging Networks platform.

If JavaScript is added to a page, either by yourselves or our client support staff, please note that the testing and maintenance of it is your responsibility both at the point of implementation and during the life of the page.

Browsers automatically update their code base all the time, so if a script worked to begin with it doesn’t mean it will always continue to work.

We love working with JavaScript and we love what it can do to your pages. We do however, just need to be clear who is responsible to its testing and upkeep.

Use the latest versions

You should ensure you use the latest version of JavaScript libraries if you are using, for example, jQuery. Some outdated libraries can be tagged as a security risk, and the page may have a challenge added without warning. We will contact you should this happen

If you have any questions, please contact your local client support team.

Updated on October 26, 2023

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